Opera Mini 9 for iOS users helps reduce mobile data usage

Opera Mini 9 for iOS users helps reduce mobile data usage

Opera has launched a brand new version of Opera Mini which will be available to iPhone and iPad users worldwide.

This new version of Opera’s mobile browser will incorporate a brand new data-compression technology which will help users reduce data-usage on their iOS devices. The browser, named Opera Mini 9, now comes loaded with feature called the Rocket Optimizer technology which has been developed by the company following its acquirement of Skyfire, a firm which specializes in video and data compression, last year.

This new technology helps reduce data usage by compressing videos into a much more compacted form and as a result consumes less data when played or streamed online.

Opera Mini once was the king of all mobile browsers as it brought several innovative new features and pioneering ideas in the mobile browsing industry. However, its growth was curtailed with the advent of several powerful mobile phones running on Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android operating system. Along with these new operating systems came better and faster browsers such as Safari from Apple and Google Chrome.

This new browser from Opera however comes with several improvements and many new features to throw Opera right in the thick of the competition. The browser has a “Mini mode” which helps users save bandwidth and cuts on data usage. It also has a “Turbo mode” which uses the Rocket Optimizer Technology from Skyfire which results in faster browsing speeds and smooth browsing.

The new browser from Opera is tailor-made to work with the latest iOS devices-the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, the company has said.

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