PayPal Here to get on-the-go sales reports

PayPal Here to get on-the-go sales reports

So, if you are selling goods online and collecting payments via Paypal you don’t have to be on your computer to monitor sales. You can very well be on a vacation, say on a beach, and still see how your sales is going on!

The Paypal app for the iPhone and Android is going to get updates in the coming weeks that will enable merchants to monitor sales using their phone. They can get critical information about their sales, and detailed sales reports right on their smartphone – the reports will contain information about sales transactions, what mode of payment was used to make the transaction, sales history and so on.

Merchants can even drill down to see their best selling items, their highest performing employees and other sales details using the app. This will make it even unnecessary for the merchants to have to login to their Paypal account on their computers since they get all the necessary information right in their pocket.

If the merchant is away (that’s when the app will be of more use, of course), then the app makes it easier to share the reports easily with colleagues and staff. You can export the report to a spreadsheet and can email them. You can also print them if you want!

From the perspective of the buyers, Paypal Here is absolutely secure. The payments reach merchants’ accounts securely usually within minutes of purchase so merchants can really have peace of mind!

With these features, the updated Paypal Here app will certainly make the life of merchants a lot easier.

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