Samsung Galaxy Alpha: The iphone-like metallic edged phone

Samsung Galaxy Alpha: The iphone-like metallic edged phone

Well if you have been a fan of Samsung phones but are disappointed by the plastic look and feel its time to consider buying the Galaxy Alpha. Samsung has announced the launch of Galaxy Alpha that features a metallic edge just so it looks and feels like the iPhone or the HTC phones.

Galaxy Alpha is not so great as compared to the Note or the S-series phones in terms of the specs – the phone has 4.7 inch AMOLED screen (read “fits in pocket”) and has a quite decent 2GB RAM. The primary camera is 12 MP. The screen has a 720p resolution and the phone has a octa core Exynos processor.

However, the metallic ring on the phone is the highlight to all those Samsung phone lovers who were a bit disappointed with the plastic feel ­čÖé When compared with an iPhone or a HTC phone which do look quite sexy, Samsung phones used to look a bit cheap because of the plastic ring. Galaxy Alpha takes care of that bit so that Samsung users can now flaunt their phones in front of their friends who use an iPhone or a HTC phone.

The Galaxy Alpha steals the show with its look. It is very slim, measuring 6.7mm and weighs only 115g. And it looks quite like the iPhone. Apart from the metallic ring, the phone has a removable back cover so that battery can be removed (unlike an iPhone). The phone also has fingerprint scanner, TouchWiz UI on top of Android 4.4, and compatibility with Samsung Gear Smartwatches. The phone is not waterproof though!

Galaxy Alpha certainly will give all the Samsung lovers a premium experience and feel. The Alpha will be launched in the beginning of September and the exact release date and the price are not known yet. A new Note also seems to be in the pipeline (most probably to be launched next month). If the new Note also has a metallic edge, it will certainly look a lot like the big screen iPhone6!

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