HTC Launches Windows 8X Based Smartphone

Smartphones have become all influential by being loaded with powerful processors and applications. While Android and Apple based Smartphones have captured the market, Windows based Smartphones are yet to show their worthiness for adoption.

The only criterion for popularity of smaptphones is their ability to offer user-friendly features and flexible applications. Developers should be offered required API’s and end users should be offered required enhancements.

HTC Windows 8X phone

Let us check how the new Windows 8X based Smartphone from HTC which should sail in this scenario –


• The new Windows 8X based Smartphone from HTC presents great audio-visual features.
• It is fitted with powerful processor (1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4), 1GB RAM and 16GB internal storage capacity.
• The phone is fitted with front and rear facing cameras (8 MP @1080p).
• The handset delivers beats audio processing with a built-in amplifier and an LCD 2 display screen of size 4.3” with 720p resolution.
• You can take advantage of the latest technology, NFC.
• The phone is likely to be released in November, 2012 with a price tag, $199.99.


As you check the specifications on this high end Windows based Smartphone, you will find that it has all the capabilities to be adopted by users both for personal and professional use. It weighs 0.29 pounds. The phone will be attached with either AT&T or T-Mobile.

The height and width of the phone are 5.21” and 2.61” respectively. It comes with a slab form factor. The phone is available in Black, red, yellow and blue colors.

The super LCD 2 display will let you watch crystal clear movies. You can play your favorite video games and online games. The touch screen allows you easy access and control. The phone supports GSM, UMTS/HSPA and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and mobile hotspot (tethering).

The phone comes with various sensors including magnetometers, proximity indicator, ambient light indicator and accelerometer. You can take advantage of the 1800mAh battery.

Reasons of HTC’s Success

It is true even though Microsoft still dominates the desktop world by delivering operating systems for enterprises, it lags behind in developing and delivering powerful windows based Smartphones. As long as Microsoft demands greater control on hardware and OS API’s, it will be hard to achieve real success.

Nokia failed to deliver the goods too. And, now it is HTC’s turn to attract customers that are well satisfied with iPhones and Android based phones (Samsung and Google). In addition to the tech-gigs, there should be a drastic reduction in price which will give room for consideration of Windows based phones.

The application market should be encouraged by filling the shelves with enough applications for all kinds of purposes (both free and premium). The App Store and Android App store are quite successful in delivering promising applications for end users.


HTC’s Windows 8X based smartphone looks quite competitive on prima-facie. The phone has to compete with other smartphones in terms of price, features and capabilities. If HTC phones can deliver goods by offering smooth integration with various services like Facebook, Twitter and offer solutions for user’s requirements; it will have a chance to win the hearts of customers.

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