5 Must Have iPad Apps For Beginners

Apps make your device complete. When it comes iPads there are about 200,000 plus apps available these days. The iPad is another tool which you use in your daily lives.

If you are considering this tool you need to load it with good apps which make it more usable. Below are top 5 apps which every iPad user must have.

Pageonce Money and bills

This application allows you to track all your finances in one place. You can also set reminders for your bills, payday loans and other loan payment due dates.

You can also monitor your credit card and other financial transactions. You can also track mobile minutes, data and text usage.

pageonce money

Key features include:

  • Track all your account balances
  • Real-time alerts
  • View your purchases and deposits instantly


Evernote is useful for both professionals and non-professionals. With the help of this app you can easily note the factors either big or small. This app also allows you to set reminders for important meetings or some other important things.

With this app you can easily arrange and organise your details. If you sync your data from your devices then it will be easy for you to share your data with friends and family members.

Key features include:

  • Let’s user to capture photos
  • Saves receipts and bills to organise your finances
  • You can access all the files on your phone from your desktop


The IPad is great for reading. If you love reading then you must install Instapaper app on your iPad.

This app allows you to save the articles and from the websites. You can read and view these articles in an ad-free manner.

You can save articles from any of your apple devices to your Instapaper account and read it on any other or the same apple device. It is a fantastic way to collect articles from websites and read it on your iPad.

Key features include:

  • Lock rotation
  • You can download 500+ articles at a time
  • Customisable text sizes and fonts


You can enjoy the Facebook on your iPad. Everyone loves to connect and share new things with their friends.

ipad facebook  appsFacebook app allows you to connect with your friends from your iPad. This app allows you to access world’s largest social network on your iPad. You can view all the photos or events shared by your friends clearly on your iPad.

Key features include:

  • Provides security from malware
  • Games and chat
  • Find friends in contacts
  • Status updates
  • Notifications etc.


If you are music lover then you must install this app on your iPad. You can listen to music and edit your own tracks. You can also remix any two tracks.

This music app is by Manchester City. This app showcases bands from all around UK. You will get a new track every week from a different artist.

Key features include:

  • You can upload and share any sound
  • User can remix tracks and share them to friends
  • User can enjoy new track everyday

Want to know more about the latest iPad apps. The best technique is to find the latest apps is searching internet. All the best!

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