Need for Out-of-doors Activities for Bloggers

Need for Out-of-doors Activities for Bloggers

Even the idea of bloggers and outdoor activities in the same sentence can lead to some private jokes between fellow bloggers. That is unless of course you have to or you like to or you tend to write about outdoorsy stuff in your blogs. After all, it is all part of your profession, to write about endless things and discuss several views and rope others to appreciate and support your thoughts.

However, the idea of outdoors is increasingly or should increasingly be getting popular amongst bloggers if you have a heart to keep your soul. Let’s take a look why!

The Current Trend of Pounds

For those of you, who mistook pounds to mean money in British, think again! Pounds in this context very much mean weight. And my fellow bloggers will agree that we are actually setting the path clear for a new generation of obese people.

It is already being claimed in most studies that bloggers, next to kids who love junk food are the next trendsetters of promoting being obese.


That really does not take much contemplation if you are not baked right now! Just think of yourself sitting at your desk for hours and hours, working regularly and endlessly and in return, simply making an enemy of the weighing scales.

What then could be the solution?

Dieting is definitely one of them. However, how many of us have really stuck to the same? We bloggers thrive on takeaways and frozen foods. In fact, many of you might not even remember the last time you cooked, and I am not kidding.

What then is the solution?

A timeless advice that is usually given to depressed single people; get out more! In this case, the reference is not exactly toward dating, but toward taking up fun activities to do outdoors.

Exploring the Options of Outdoor Activities

It is understandable that you are busy. However, it is a lame excuse to claim that you cannot spare 30 minutes of your time. Let’s explore what can be done in these thirty minutes of outside time, shall we?

  • Go Biking: Either find a partner in family or befriend kids from the neighborhood. Whatever you do, just go out and ride in your bikes at any point of time at the day. This form of fun exercising will give you a chance to explore and regulate your nerves in a way which will boost better creativity.
  • Go Romping: Nothing works like walking. However, it might really seem boring to you in some way or the other. Here is a way to make it more appealing; find a new trial or road or lane every day. In this way, you can actually end up walking the required amount of exercise needed. Plus, the next time you wear a dress, your toned legs will make you proud.

The idea is to really get yourself out of your home and take in some fresh air. Exercising outside will surely give you the much needed break and yes will make you less guilty for subjecting your body and eyes to an endless ordeal of being in front of a computer.

If you find that your interest in outdoor activities increase, you can also find online coupon codes to spice up your outdoor experience.

Real Serious Business

There are of course several other options which are way more serious than you simple walking and biking. For that more sporty side of you and better results, you should maybe try to involve yourself in activities like trail running and kayaking. Moreover, you can always take biking to a whole new level by taking a ride in the mountains.

For the more adventurous kinds and people who mean serious business, do not underestimate the power of skiing and climbing rocks or ice. Snowboarding poses the perfect challenge of giving you the much needed increase in the heart rate. The whole idea is to make sure that you actually devote some amount of time to things which are not just on your computer.

Moreover, be not afraid to try things out. Just remember that you have to get some exercise and better do it outdoors than anything else. Trying a few things out before actually sticking to something particular is encouraged. After all, we are all individuals who have different needs, choices and yes, body types.

Above all, start your regimes with a positive outlook.

8 thoughts on “Need for Out-of-doors Activities for Bloggers”

  1. Outdoor activities are really clean and make our mind Fresh, I know many bloggers who blogs in their journey they travel all the time, and blog regularly with their laptops.
    That’s Awesome..

  2. Hi Matthew,
    Out of door activities are always fun with a sense of thrill attached to them. I love to read such blogs where the blogger shares his or her experience about a particular sport. I actually swim and sink with the flow of the blog. Thanks for the share.

  3. Outdoor activities are very necessary in order to get the ideas & relieving the stress. Biking & romping are 2 such activities. Thanks for sharing & motivating me to engage more in outdoor activities.

  4. Thanks Matthew Raj for writing such a unique and refreshing article. I have seen many bloggers who just spent hours in front of their PC’s. This effects in many health problems. Outing is very helpful for bloggers in two ways:
    1) To keep them healthy after spending a lot of time on PC
    2) On outing they can come up with some great and unique ideas to write wonderful posts.
    Thanks once again for publishing this post. 😀

  5. Great post – and I agree that ‘getting outside’ is key to keeping up the blogging challenge. Fresh air, listening to the noises, looking to the horizon … watch the clouds go by. Anything seems possible after 10-15 minutes!

  6. This should be done by all the bloggers. Instead of sitting in front of computer all the time. We should give time to other activities also.

  7. Appreciate it Matthew Raj regarding creating such a one of a kind and relaxing write-up. We have noticed numerous people who only expended hrs when in front of their PC’s.


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