Pinterest Launches Analytics: Interesting Monetization Measures For Brands

Pinterest Analytics For Brands
Pinterest Analytics For Brands

Pinterest is really an interesting social networking site where you can share interesting images with the rest of the world. It is not only sharing but also connecting with others makes more exciting.

If you have chosen Pinterest to market your products, you can certainly make the most through the new feature launched by Pinterest, Pinterest Web Analytics. Web Analytics launched by Pinterest will let you measure the effectiveness of your online promotions.

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With the new facility launched by Pinterest, it is possible to know what other users are doing with your content. Brands will be able to know the user behavior. The new measure will also benefit Pinterest to monetize the traffic on its network.

Brands can subscribe to the new analytics package so that they will be able to know what is being repined and how many new visitors are generated through the pins. These are vital to figure out the returns on your investment.

Brands will be able to know the pins that create interest among users. It is possible to know the total number of pins, number of pinners, repins, number of repinners, impressions, reach and clicks.

Benefits of Pinterest Web Analytics

By subscribing for Pinterest, you will not want to depend on third parties to trace the effect of your promotions. Before the launch of Pinterest Web Analytics, brands were compelled to use tools like Pinfluencer or Curalate.

You can go for third party tools for analysis even after the launch of Pinterest Web Analytics. Pinterest application will serve the needs of basic users. The application should be strengthened so that advanced options will be made available for advanced users.

Pinterest allows the integration with other tools with other applications including Google and Omniture. In order to capture accurate impressions and reach, you should depend on Pinterest alone.

How to get access to Pinterest Web Analytics?

In order to get access to Pinterest Web Analytics, you should verify your Pinterest website. You should also get access to the new look offered by Pinterest.

The Analytics tab is present on the top right hand corner. The advantage with the tool is that you can download the tool and you can have cool study on it.

Pinterest has shown remarkable growth in the past few years and the craze for Pinterest account is growing at a constant pace. The enterprise is valued at $2.5 billion. The growth further stimulates the spread of the site.

It is no surprise to understand the fact that 69% of the top brands have active accounts on Pinterest. This will show the great prominence of Pinterest in marketing your products and services.

The new tool’s impact

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With the launch of new tool by Pinterest, there will be less demand for third party applications to know what is happening on Pinterest. Pinterest has taken steps to fill the loopholes which will be occupied by others if they are not provided by Pinterest itself.

At the moment, Pinterest has given free hands for developers as it is not dictating terms as happened with Twitter. Regardless of the volume of your business, you can successfully deploy the tool so that you can notice the popularity of your brand.

The current trends as well as the overall trend can be traced through the Pinterest Web Analytics. It is required to know what is happening and what works on your site and what will not work on your site. As you trace the results, you can maximize pins that produce great traffic.

What is expected from Pinterest?

In order to compete with social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, Pinterest needs to launch API (Application Program Interface). Pinterest should further enhance the development of the tool so that it will come with advanced features.

The traffic on Pinterest websites is growing at a steady pace. In the coming days, Pintrest is likely to dominate the world of social networks by competing with competent networks like Facebook and Twitter.

As of now, Pinterest has fulfilled the important requirement for marketers. In the coming days, numbers of new features are likely to be introduced so that the tool will become a pioneer for brands. Brands will not hesitate to spend money on Pinterest provided they get good returns on their investment.

As a matter of fact, the spending of Pinterest users is 15 times more than Facebook. Hence, there is lot of scope for Pinterest to introduce new features and businesses can take new developments to their advantage so that they can make more business.

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  1. I think it’s a smart move from Pinterest as they potentially can get more users who will try to promote via this social network. But they need to work really hard to compete with more popular social networks.

  2. A very timely move by Pinterest. I think they needed this more than anything because brands needs data and facts to justify their continued presence in Pinterest. A move surely appreciated by all the marketers out there.

  3. Pinterest is a great platform for many brands who wants to gain web presence. Also, Pinterest Analytics is a helpful tool that can help marketers monitor how far their brand have reached.


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