Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G Android Phone Review

The Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G Android phone is designed to be every consumers’ go-to smartphone for having fun on the run, but it actually delivers so much more at quick speeds.Reviewers have been able to access downloads, games, and popular applications without buffering issues or noticeable lag.

The secret to this smartphone’s fantastic speed is in its processor, the 1.2 GHz dual-core Samsung Exynos, which has been clocked as one of the fastest smartphone processors released this year.

Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch: Linking our world in 4G

The thin Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch boasts a 4.25 touchscreen, to better show off its display’s eye-popping colors and depth. Reviewers appreciate this not only when viewing movies and other downloads, but when viewing photos and home videos captured with this smartphone’s two camera options.


The first is the included 8MP camera, which comes with a flash option and takes pictures at up to an impressive1080p resolution.

The second option is the 2MP front-facing camera, which allows users to take better pictures of the picture-taker as well as better set up video conferencing. After capturing your pictures, the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch allows you to share the best of them, as well as music and more, with up to eight Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch: more internal storage

The Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch has a microSD slot, so you can take your multimedia on the go; but it also includes 16GB of internal memory pre-loaded.You can store your favorite media without worrying about deleting a favorite memory in order to make room for a new application. With Bluetooth enabled, your storage possibilities are endless.

Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch: keeping you secure online

The Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch smartphone does more than allow you to access the web at lightning speed. It also includes basic security features to make sure surfing the web doesn’t lead to identify theft.

With pre-loaded encryption options, and an excellent private conferencing utility in Cisco WebEx Meetings, you can talk to friends, family and co-workers and feel more secure that the information you’re sharing stays between you. Finally, an included mobile wipe device keeps your privacy private in the event your Galaxy S II Epic becomes lost or stolen.

Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch: Longer battery life than expected


Reviewers believe this is one of the best smartphones on the market. Reviewers have called it extremely light, pleasingly ergonomic, and sturdy. Regarding the touchscreen, several reviewers remarked on how responsive the touch panel is, while others were impressed with how rich and deep the display’s colors were.

Several reviewers gave the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic’s two camera options high marks in picture taking and video recording. Reviewers did not recommend this phone to power users, because of the lower battery life. However, for person who just need to make a couple phone calls during the day and check email periodically, this phone is a great choice.

One reviewer who tested the phone via moderate usage reported being able to squeeze 20 hours out of the phone’s battery by being conservative with usage. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch is recommended as the perfect smartphone for people who need smartphone options on the go, but do not live their lives entirely online.

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  1. 20 hours out of the phone’s battery with the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch is pretty good going, my friend rang me excitedly last week saying she received an order at 3AM while whe was sleeping, she said it was awesome to wake up and find it.


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