Google Fiber: Advanced Internet And TV Offerings

It is a great news for technology enthusiasts that Google has launched a new fiber optic based internet and television service, also called as Google Fiber. This was done on an experimental basis in Kansas City, USA. In the coming weeks and months, US citizens are going to get a power packed entertainment coupled with the ultra-high speed internet connection and a variety of TV services.

You will get the bandwidth of 1 gigabyte per second both for downloads and uploads.There will not be any restrictions on the usage.

The speed is almost hundred times more than the current average internet connection speeds in the US. We shall have a look at the current internet service’s capability to understand Google’s imperative.


What’s on offer from traditional internet service providers?

AT & T offers internet connection speeds at 24 Mbps downloads and 3 Mbps uploads. Under U-verse U450 TV plan, you can access 430 TV channels including HBO and Cinemax.

Using DVR mode you can record 4 TV channels at a time and the maximum storage capacity is video content of 65 hours. The service is available across 22 states on a monthly subscription of $188.

Time Warner offers internet connection speeds at 50 Mbps downloads and 5 Mbps uploads. Under Signature Home Package, you can access 350 television channels which will not include premium channels.

Using two DVRs you can a total of 4 channels in parallel and a maximum HD video of 150 hours. The advantage is that you will have access to phone service. This service is available across 29 states on a monthly subscription of $199.

What’s done differently by Google internet and TV services?

Google’s TV service offers you the capability to record different TV shows at a time. By featuring the DVR, you can store High Definition Television programs that run for more than 500 hours.You can also use Nexus 7 as a remote control in this process.

Internet service is made available at $70 per month and TV services can be availed at $120 per month. You can also avail free internet connection by paying a setup fee of $300.

The download speeds for this service will be 5 Mbps and the upload speed will be 1 Mbps. The downside of the Google TV service is that you will not have access to premium channels like AMC, HBO and ESPN.


It is hard to imagine your life where downloads and uploads happen instantaneously. It is also true that most of the American residents are not aware their highest internet download speed and a majority of US citizens are happy with the current level of internet connection speeds.

It is a big surprise for a novice but those who close watch technology and technical analysts opine that Google has its own way in playing the technology puzzle. Also known as Fiber TV, the service is really unbelievable as users have no plans to take advantage of this innovative service to their advantage.

However, the spread this new service will create ripple waves in the industry and concerned internet users are going to experience a bunch of value added services. This will lead to drastic changes in the internet ecosystem.

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14 thoughts on “Google Fiber: Advanced Internet And TV Offerings”

  1. GoogleTV may be new, but it certainly isn’t innovative. In terms of DVR, my Hopper from Dish has FOUR TIMES the recording capacity. And yes, I know GoogleTV lets you record a few shows at a time, but the Hopper can record up to SIX live HD programs simultaneously. Dish picked me to do an employee beta-test, and while it was a cool DVR at the onset, the updates and improvements added since its release have made it the best DVR on the market. I love not having to worry about scheduling conflicts, and love having my Facebook and Twitter right there on my DVR.

  2. @Tyler – From whatever information I have, it looks to be a proprietary network.

    @Matt – I agree with you, about being less innovative, on Google’a part. Good to know about your experience from a non-Google entity! 🙂

    PS – Thanks for your comments!

  3. What will be the downloading Speed of that internet?
    Oh my god, Movie lover will download their favorite Movies in less then 10 seconds..
    Great God of internet google.

  4. The useful benefits of the Google internet and TV fibre still fat out weigh the repercussions (disadvantages) you have listed above Deeptaman!

    downloading and uploading is already a norm of the internet lifestyle

  5. I live in the Kansas City area and my neighborhood is slated to get Google Fiber soon. I’ve already signed up and can’t wait to get it!

  6. If there is no restrictions on the usage, Google Fiber could prove to be a game changer. Hopefully the cost will come down as competition stiffens.

  7. hi Deeptaman
    Google internet and TV fibre is a great service provided by google but disadvantages are also withstanding with it like the average speed of the net connection is not up to the mark so it should be properly paced and than Google internet and TV can become more watchable


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