Sloppy Android Apps: The Height Of Dumbness!


There are about a million apps on the Android Market. Some of them are great and some just cut a sorry figure when you need to use them. There have been innumerable articles about the best Android apps available in the market, but here is a list of unbelievably dumb Android apps.

What were they thinking?

Type N Walk (free)

As the description states, this app is designed to allow you to see what’s in front of you while you are typing. It uses the camera of the phone to take images and allows you to text while superimposing the written material over the images that your cam is capturing.

CarSafety (free)

The description for this one says that if you are in a driving emergency, and your phone senses a shock, an alarm will go off. If you do not turn the alarm off within 60 seconds, then it will send a message to a preset phone number informing of your accident.

So be really, really careful, because if you drop your phone, your mom will call the ambulance!

P.S: It does not work in Sleep mode or while switched off. Also is very hungry for battery.

My Perfect Egg Timer (Free)

Sorry for mentioning it so far down, because this one’s my personal favorite. This app is designed to calculate the exact time that it would take to boil an egg. You heard me.

TO BOIL AN EGG! Oh, yes, it takes in account the diameter of the egg, the temperature thou shall put it at and the hardness or softness of the egg. Also uses GPS to identify your location and altitude to give the exact specific calculations.

If you like eggs, you must have this app. Or, you will be doomed to live the risky life of a person who has to boil his eggs without a digital application (pun intended).

Share Your Board

This one is another stinker. Share your board is an app that “allows” you to save the data from any meeting or brainstorming session by photographing the white board (on which people have written stuff) and sharing it. That’s it. Seriously it does nothing more. If you really have a lot of time, you might want to download this app.

Or else, you can live a little dangerously, by doing the exact same thing with your phone’s camera.

What were they thinking, again!

Beer Counter

Okay, so you and the boys (or girls) have gone out for a couple of beers, but you really don’t know how many you have had. This app, beer counter, will help you.

You simply have to put in the number of pints you’ve already had and are expecting to. But wait a minute. If I have to “tell” the app how many beer bottles I’ve already had, then I’ve already counted them.

Why do I need this app?

Of course, this is not all that this app offers. There’s more. The developers of this app state, that this app was essentially designed to help the user calculate the bill of the beer he has consumed.

Wow. Didn’t see that coming did you?Although this app amazing, I am not sure I remain in my senses to count my beer and when I need to pay, I just ask the bartender. But then again that’s me. I have a thing for adrenaline, you see.

Thank god all these apps are for free, for if they weren’t, I’d seriously beg for forgiveness for those who would have downloaded and PAID to use these. I doubt if lord would forgive them. When I wrote this list, I thought tablet applications development couldn’t get any more hilarious than this, but I was wrong. Guess what my friend discovered?

MAN UP! (Enhance Male Power)

Whoa! This one is the mother of all dumb apps! This as the name suggests is a male-ness enhancement app. Mysterious are the ways of the lord. Even more mysterious are the ways of the apps.

Apparently (and no I have not had the good fortune of trying this one), this app helps the user to “heal” sexual anomalies caused by stress. It passes on some sound vibrations and “brain waves” listening to which will give you all the powers that you longed (pun intended) for! As if this wasn’t scary enough, this wonderful app is a PAID one! The app costs $1.99! Hail Mary!

I still haven’t figured how an Android application developer can do this to humanity. Seriously? What do you think about this?

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9 thoughts on “Sloppy Android Apps: The Height Of Dumbness!”

  1. Hi Samuel
    Often I read about apps that has some utility but this time you have gone offbeat to find some silly apps…nice one “Beer app” was funny indeed


  2. The *one thing* I dislike most about Android is all the apps which are only partly working. It is often a minefield to fathom out if your phone + OS version will be compatibility with a particular app or not.

  3. Hey Samuel,
    These are indeed apps full of insanity, but are quite funny in approach. An individual using these apps gets a total fun session. Type N walk is indeed a hilarious app. Thanks for sharing the post.

  4. With Samsung & Apple out there in the market I thought Android would do a much better job in improving its App base to at least break even the competition as a useful alternative. Having read this post; I don’t think they are thinking serious. ‘Egg Timer’…I mean, seriously? Thanks for sharing the information.

  5. This really made me laugh and it is amazing that people make apps like these. The CarSafety one atleasey has some logic behind it.

  6. @Nishadha, @Fatima, @Aayna, @Rob Wilcox, @Jacob, @Shitij
    Thanks for your support. I am very happy that you all like my first guest post on Tech Buzz Online.

  7. Sam, a good real offbeat post. The descriptions written by you for these apps have really made me think of going and checking them out…will give these apps a try for sure mate.

    • @Abhishek: Thanks for your comment. I’ll soon share one more post about a few more android applications, i hope, you would like to read it.


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