Move Your Data In A Safe and Secure Environment To Get It Restored Without Any Loss

Move Your Data In A Safe and Secure Environment To Get It Restored Without Any Loss

The importance of data is increasing day by day. In this digital age, whether they are your favorite photos, important documents or your office data, all of them are critical and you cannot afford to lose them.

Losing data means your business comes at a standstill. Thus having backup of the system is very important and even more important is getting it restored when it is truly required without having any data losses.

Reason for choosing cloud based backup:

  • With lots of data and distributed storage, it becomes very laborious and difficult task to take the backup of the entire database. Moreover any inconsistency in the backup leads to non-recovery of lost data.
  • Because of the introduction of cloud computing, it is even more important to have a copy of your backup with you in safe, secure, and accessible location.
  • There are different types of online backup tools available but out of them Cloud Backup Robot has come with all new features that makes your task very simple and automotive.

Features of Cloud Backup Robot:

  • The installation, configuration, and usage are very easy.
  • The compatibility with most of the cloud storage services ensure that the backup process starting from defining till scheduling is fully automated and seamlessly integrated into the cloud server or even to the external files.
  • Once the configuration is done which takes only a minute – you don’t have to worry about remembering it, rest is taken care by this cloud backup robot system. It can take the backup from multiple SQL Server or Azure database and can save it in safe and secure locations like google drive, dropbox, Amazon S3, FTP folder or even your system’s local folder.
  • The compression is highest and this assures best usage of disk space without any wastage.
  • It has been popular backup tool as it assures reliability across various platforms.
  • Since the process is fully automated, it does not require any supervision.
  • The Cloud Backup Robot covers all the loopholes, intricacies, and angles that might result in the loss of the data.
  • It takes the backup without interfering with the SQL server services thereby eliminating the effects on the performance of the database.
  • It gives user the option to choose the backup from either local computer or group of computers both from the LAN and the internet. This gives the flexibility to the administrator to remotely manage the backups.


The Cloud Backup Robot is a convenient and easy-to-use tool for taking automatic backups of Microsoft SQL as well Azure database. With incorporation of various new features in the existing software, it has become more user-friendly and easily manageable.

With one click Backup button, it enables to take the backup once the program configuration is done as it requires only one time configuration. It is an excellent cloud backup software that gives peace of mind without the fear of getting the data misplaced, stolen or corrupted.

Thus, the with the increasing existence of cloud computing and digitalization of the important data, having a safe and secure backup is a must to make the system up and running on account of any in-contingencies.

Cloud Backup Robot does just what is required to fulfill today’s requirement with the aim to incorporate future advancement.

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