15 Best Camera Apps for Your Android Smartphone

15 Best Camera Apps for Your Android Smartphone

Clicking pictures is an art that only a few can master. A photograph is more than just a simple hard copy of something that you clicked.

A photograph is the record of your memories, of the priceless moments that you spent with your loved ones. Pictures mean a lot to us, don’t they?

They remind you of times that have gone by and often bring a smile to your face. Earlier, there were only large cameras which you used to click pictures. Remember those old Kodak cameras? We all had one of those.

But these cameras were rather inconvenient as they could not be carried place to place. Also, memories and moments come unannounced, so if you did not have your camera with you, you would not get a picture. But all that has changed now.

Advancement in technology and science has revolutionized the field of photography and our lives too. Nowadays, it has become very easy to click pictures, with cameras in our phones. Even the most ordinary and basic of phones today have a camera.

With the arrival of the generation of smartphones, comes a generation of great phone cameras. In order to further enhance the quality of photos taken by smartphones, there are all these different camera applications or camera apps which you can use.

For Android users, the Google Play Store is the hub of all apps. There are apps of different kinds in the play store. The Play Store also has a number of camera apps for Android.

You can download these photo apps for Android and make the most of them. Use them to your advantage, make use of the various features of the apps and improve the experience of taking pictures with your phones.

The Best Camera Apps for Android Phones

There are so many android camera app that you have a wide range of options to choose from. Go through all the camera apps for android in the play store and their individual features.

Then download the one you think you require for clicking mind blowing pictures. Here is a list of 15 of the best camera apps for Android-

1) Camu


Camu is an app that you can download for free in the play store. The best part about this app is that it is very easy to use. You will not require too much time to figure it out.

It is user friendly with many different features. It has live previews of adjustable and amazing effects,  and a fabulous white and black mode.

There are so many different kinds of filters that you cab apply to the pictures to make them brighter or sharper or more colourful. You have to swipe vertically to see the different effects.

Apart from this, you can even add live filters, shoot great and hugh quality videos, add text to your photos and make different kinds of collages.

2) Google camera

Google camera

Google has introduced a new kind of camera, the google camera. It has to be downloaded, but you can do it free of cost.

If you are interested in photography, then you absolutely have to download this extremely useful app. It has great features like 360 degree panorama and Photo Sphere. It is also very easy to use.

Another interesting feature of this app is that of the Lens Blur. It adds an amazing effect like that of a bokeh to your photos. It gives a fake blurry effect to the pictures, if you want to add an artistic effect to your pictures.

With the help of this feature, you can change or alter  focus of the captured image. And you can do all this with just a click of a button.

3) Camera Zoom FX


In case you are not interested in the basic apps and want to experiment with your photos, you should download the camera zoom FX app. There are separate folders where you can store your photos.

Filters can be applied to the photos while you shoot the pictures. Sometimes, you need to adjust white balance of photos before taking it and sometimes you might want to shift modes. All that is possible with this app.

Time lapse photography is possible with the app and you can shoot videos in slow or fast motion with them. Also, you can apply animation to your photos before you take them.

It might have an old interface and that give rise to your doubts. But with this app, you have absolute authority and control over the pictures you click.

4) Camera 360 Ultimate

Camera 360 Ultimate

Camera 360 Ultimate is actually a lot like Camera Zoom FX. They have similar features and editing options. You can add all sorts of filters, effects and use this app to enhance the quality and beauty of your pictures.

There are great editing tools here. Also, there are so many different methods of sharing photos here, in case you want to share the edited pictures with your friends on social media.

5) Camera MX


Camera MX is a cool app with numerous useful features that you can utilize while editing or clicking your pictures. There are loads of filters and effects and other editing tools.

Apart from the usual features, there is an additional feature that may turn out to be pretty useful. This is the Shoot The Past mode available in the app.

This feature allows you to rewind to moments that took place just before the picture was taken.  Isn’t it annoying when you take a continuous series of photographs and they turn out to be blurry? Well, this feature can help you avoid that.

6) Retrica


Any android user is familiar with the name Retrica. It is now one of the most popular camera apps for android amongst smartphone users.

With the arrival of sites like Instagram, apps like Retrica have experienced a surge in popularity. For all those obsessed with taking selfies, this app is a blessing.

While taking the picture you can check out the various effects and see which one looks good and click the picture along with the effect! It is very easy to use, you just have to download it and start using it.

7) VignetteVignette

Vignette is one of those camera apps for android which is specially for those who enjoy uploading pictures with special effects on social media. You can turn an ordinary picture into an extraordinary one with this app.

You can complete change the appearance of your picture and give it the look that you want. You can click amazing pictures with this app too, it has features like self timer, time lapse photography etc

8) Camera Awesome


Yes, the very name shows how awesome the app actually is. It consists of plenty of different kinds of filters and you can choose from anyone of them.

There are also features like self timer, Burst shot, Image Stabilization, Interval, Panorama mode and so on.  Give your photos an artistic effect with Camera Awesome.

9) Procapture


The android camera is pretty well known for its good quality of pictures. With an app like Procapture, you can do a lot more with your pictures.

There are hundreds of different kinds of filters and effects that you can apply. There are also options for burst mode, reducing noise in photos, wide shots, panorama mode and also self timer.

10) Camera FV-5

 Camera FV-5

This camera app for android has been mainly designed for professions photographs and those who are interested in the nitty gritty of photography.

You can get DSLR quality pictures and effects with this app. You can create stunning and mind blowing effects. There is no limit to what you can do with this app.

11) Perfectly Clear


Perfectly Clear is an app with a difference. It does not provide the usual features that other such camera apps offer. But it is extremely useful, because it automatically corrects errors in the picture.

All pictures are not perfect. They might often be distorted. But instead of deleting these photos, why not download Perfectly Clear which can correct these distortions?

12) Camera 2


Camera 2 is a unique camera app for users of android phones. It also allows live previews of effects and filters and you can see them before you take the picture.

You can adjust saturation levels, contrast and brightness levels. You can also experiment with your photos to see what looks best.

13) Selfie Camera


With a sudden increase in the number of selfies being clicked, it was imperative to come up with apps for those who love clicking selfies.

It is very difficult to click a good selfie, unless of course you have a few tricks up your sleeve or a great app like Selfie Camera to help you out.

This app gets rid of distortions and helps you click flawless selfies whenever you want.

14) GIF Camera


Who doesn’t like GIF pictures? The GIF camera converts whatever videos you have taken to GIF files. Take the video, of whatever you want, and use the app to create GIF files.

15) DSLR Camera Pro


If you don’t have a DSRL, but want great pictures like that download the DSLR Camera Pro app. It has fancy features which resemble that of a DSLR.

It has features like geotagging, histogram, light metering, moveable viewfinder, ISO, front camera support and modes of multiple capture.

Apart from these 15, there are many camera apps for android that you can check out and download.

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