15 Best Free Texting Apps to choose from for your Android phone

15 Best Free Texting Apps to choose from for your Android phone

Text messaging has been an indelible part of the experience of using a phone ever since such services were made available.

Years after the inception of the technology, text messaging has remained a part of mobile phones irrespective of newer and faster methods being available.

People of all ages and temperaments continue to send and receive text messages through the Short Messaging Service or SMS for short.

Therefore, it is no surprise to find a variety of SMS apps available for Android devices. These SMS apps are completely free and they are capable of improving upon the experience provided by text messaging.

While stock SMS apps are made available by manufacturers, many prefer to use a text messaging app of their choice for a variety of reasons such as flexibility or looks.

If you are looking for a good and free text messaging app, take a look at the following list.

Google Messenger

Google Messenger

Built by Google, Google Messenger is inherently suitable for the Android experience

Google Messenger is an incredibly popular free text messaging app for a reason. It has been created by Google itself and as such it makes the best possible use of the native Android user experience.

It is also highly secure and safe. You can send SMS and also MMS in the usual manner. There are fun features such as emojis and stickers which ensure that conversations never become boring.

Additionally, it is possible to block users and numbers permanently or temporarily. It is easily one of the best text messaging apps available for Android.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

The default messaging app for stock Android devices, Google Hangouts is quite versatile at its job.

Some people like to think of Hangouts as just the solution created by Google to compete with the iMessage service from Apple.

That is not completely true as Hangouts is capable of so much more. It can certainly be used for sending and receiving SMS.

At the same time, it can even be used for instant messaging and even video conferencing. The app can also be used for internet calls. In other words, Hangouts is the complete solution for conversations through all mediums.

Textra SMS

Textra SMS

Textra SMS is the app for those who want something more while messaging.

If the name did not make it abundantly clear, Textra SMS is for those people who would like to have something extra while texting.

It has some pretty nifty features such as the availability of floating notifications and popups for quick replies. Apart from bulk customization features, it is possible to customize for specific contacts.

There are also over 800 emojis and support for Android Wear. Moreover, the text messaging app makes excellent use of the Material Design interface.



Now SMS makes the best use of the Google Now interface in a messaging app.

Now SMS is quite a handy app for texting. One of the biggest features of this app is the default interface that will remind you of the Google Now card interface.

It is pretty responsive and you get the option of purchasing other themes if you want. Emoji icons and custom vibration patterns are other features offered by this app.

Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS

Apart from basic SMS features, Chomp SMS comes loaded with some topnotch features.

At first glance, Chomp SMS seems just like the stock Android messaging app. However, there are a lot of features that the stock app does not provide.

The Quick Reply feature allows you to send replies instantly irrespective of which screen you are on. Security options such as SMS blocking are also available along with custom passwords.

You can even schedule your text messages to be sent at appropriate times. Quite a few customization options have also been included.



EvolveSMS takes the standard messaging app and transforms it into something better.

This text message app can be said to be the evolution of the stock messaging app found in Android thereby living up to its name.

The interface has been inspired by Google Now and Google+ such as the presence of a card style of showing messages.

There are loads of features such as private inboxes, support for GIF images and support for desktop messaging. However, many of the better features need to be paid for.

Handcent SMS

Handcent SMS

Handcent SMS can be said to be the upgrade that the stock Android messenger never received.

The Handcent SMS app comes with a cool modern design with the option of changing themes and skins. There are other nifty features such as the ability to customize how the app handles outgoing and incoming messages.

A pop up box for quick replies is also available and you can even backup your messages. You can also use passwords to protect your text with the Private Box feature.



GO SMS Pro has everything that you might require in a SMS messaging app.

In GO SMS Pro, you get a messaging app that can fulfill whatever needs you may possibly have in a SMS app. There is support for MMS.

Some of the better features include auto reply functions, scheduling outgoing SMS, password protection for messages and even a blocking function for spam messages.

You also get lots of themes but you need to pay for most of them.

HoverChat Free

HoverChat Free

HoverChat Free is the messaging app that brings the popup bubble to SMS.

For those who enjoy the popup bubble feature usually associated with Facebook Messenger, HoverChat Free is the equivalent for SMS apps.

This allows replies to be send irrespective of which app is being used. Additionally, the app places very little strain on the battery.

TextSecure Private Messenger


Those who value privacy in their SMS will find TextSecure Private Messenger to be of use.

TextSecure Private Messenger may not seem like a spectacular text message app at first. However, it prides itself in the security it provides to users.

It is possibly the only app that uses cryptographic protocols to ensure that nobody snoops on the messages being sent to and from this app.

At the same time, it has a very good performance. It is also possible to send attachments and create groups for messaging multiple people.



TextPlus allows the use of virtual numbers to send text messages to anyone.

TextPlus is often stylized as Text+ and it is easily one of the more unique SMS apps available for Android. This messaging app offers a very rare feature.

You do not have to send messages with your own number. Instead, you can register with a virtual number that is provided by the app.

Moreover, all data and messages are backed up to the cloud so as to increase privacy and security. The app can also be used for calling people for free provided the recipient also uses this app.

POP Messenger


POP Messenger makes sending and receiving text messages a more colorful activity.

POP Messenger is easily a very interesting free text messaging app that available for Android.

Its primary appeal lies in the feature which allows the font and the color of the text messages to be customized.

Additionally, the app allows multimedia messages to be sent. It is also possible to send messages with this app even if the recipient does not have it.

Mighty Text


When it comes to sending text messages from multiple platforms, Mighty Text is one of the better ones.

With a lofty name such as Mighty Text, it is easy to hope for topnotch features. The good is that Mighty Text does fulfil the expectations of its name.

This app can be installed in multiple devices and platforms. Therefore, it becomes possible to send and receive text messages from any linked device.

Messages can be scheduled for delivery at a future time. Bulk SMS and group messages are also possible with this app.



Another multiplatform SMS app, MySMS has a number of features that extend its usability.

MySMS has received a fair amount of praise and for good reason. This app is available for multiple platforms including web browsers.

Therefore, SMS can be sent and received from any device you have linked. Additionally, messages can be backed up with external services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Evernote.

Other features include MMS and message scheduling.



One of the niftiest features of QKSMS is the Delayed Messaging which ensures that typos are things of the past.

QKSMS has some fantastic features including a beautiful interface inspired by Material Design. This free text messaging app is also compatible with Android Wear.

The Delayed Messaging feature is easily the best in this app as it allows messages to be edited so that typing mistakes are not sent accidentally. This feature will certainly be appreciated by those who type fast.

In spite of the availability of many internet-based instant messaging apps, SMS is most likely never going to go away.

It is a core experience of a phone and a good free text messaging app can make that experience even better than before. After all, these text messaging apps come with some amazing features.

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