Soda PDF Review: Do All Things PDF

Soda PDF Review: Do All Things PDF

PDF’s are one of the most important and versatile tools of transferring data from one device to another as they let the user to include almost anything in them which in turn gives them a plethora of uses starting from client projects to family cards and wishes. However after making your document saving and then sending the same in a form that is universally accepted is another challenge all together.

You must have experienced the heartbreak of not being able to open a document that you had received from a client or a friend or a family as you did not have the required software installed in your computer. Well you don’t have to worry about that any more as the advanced, sophisticated yet simple to use Soda PDF 6 is here to solve all such problems.

The converter does this with the help of its powerful and highly developed options and features which we will now be discussing.

Read and open all PDF files in a flash

You can use this program to open and also read almost any Pdf document without any glitch or lag. You can use the program to read documents such as catalogues or magazines; you can view the Pdf in continuous, full screen or single page modes along with page flipping animation and even in 3D mode. Apart from all this you can also view and access PDFs in your browser or from the cloud and also manage an online account.

Create and secure your PDFs using Soda PDF

You can use this option to create Pdf files from any existing documents which may contain information of vital importance and you can secure it by using digital security measures such as passwords and various other permission levels or sign your PDFs with a digital signature. The PDFs thus created can be opened with any PDF software without any hassle

Convert to all popular file formats.

One of the biggest features of the Soda PDF 6 converter is that it helps the user convert his or her PDF to almost all the major files types. Some of these files types are –

  • The (.docx) file type of MS Word
  • The HTML file type that you view in your web browsers
  • The (.xlsx) file type of MS Excel
  • The (.txt) file type of text files
  • The (.pptx) file type of MS PowerPoint
  • Various image file types such as (.png/.jpg/.gif) etc

This helps the user a lot as he does not have to download and install any other software for converting the required document and makes converting much easier and quick.

Change and edit your files

Using the Soda PDF 6 converter the user can edit every aspect of any PDF document. The program lets the user to do that with the help of the plethora of editing tools that are built into the program. You can use this software to replace, delete or move some pages in the Pdf or reduce the files size of your document.

You can also extract the Pdf and split the same into many documents and change the font settings as well. The software also has a ruler and guide that function as measurement instruments and also lets you to measure and then cut, extract, or copy images from the document.

Insert files in your PDF

Users can use the converter to change, organize and thus customize your Pdf in your own way. The Soda PDF 6 lets its users to not only insert various elements and customize your Pdf but also lets you change the entire structure of the document.

The various elements that the user can insert into his Pdf are page numbers, watermarks, images, headers and footers and even hyperlinks. Apart from that the software also lets you insert new pages into your files and also change image resolutions and crop and change and chop your images.

Review your earlier PDF files

The soda PDF 6 lets you review your Pdf easily; all you have to do is use the various review tools that are installed in the program to annotate your document. You can review your review your documents by adding comments, stamps, stickers, notes etc or by comparing multiple Pdf files and marking them by highlights, underlines and strike through.

Thus the bottom-line is, the Soda PDF 6 is a simple and easy to use application which helps you to create, view, edit insert and do a lot more with you PDFs. Click here to try Soda PDF.

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