ASKME Application: The All-Rounder Utility App

ASKME Application: The All-Rounder Utility App

One of the numerous reasons why users of modern technology invest in expensive smartphones is due to the presence of multiple applications. They are considered valuable by users since, unless they remain installed in the device, the phone tends to lose most of its important features. A single smartphone might contain dozens of helpful applications, each with its own unique features and benefits.

Whenever users wish to complete a task on their smartphone, they find it extremely difficult to switch back to back among the running applications, some of which tend to load the moment they are switched back to. This can prove to be very inconvenient and so it is recommended that users download an application on their phone that can handle various tasks at the same time with the resources that are required for a single app.

AskMe is one such application that has been made available to smartphone users. It is one of the best applications in the category with a triple functionality that makes it a virtual all-rounder. The app has numerous features and it is necessary to understand all of them in time.

Application Overview

AskMe is a smartphone application that runs on the Android Operating System. It serves to provide the user with information regarding their locality in different ways.

Developed by Getit Info services Pvt. Ltd, it happens to be the third application in the company’s list of developed applications in the Google Play Store for Android OS.

Highlights of the AskMe Application

Highlights of the AskMe Application

Smartphone owners who use this specific application swear by its utility and benefits. There are various special features which increase the desirability and popularity of the application among the different users. Some of the most prominent services offered by the app include:

  • The user is able to search for businesses that are present in the same area as theirs.
  • Users of the AskMe app can gain access to amazing deals which are offered by their favourite local businesses.
  • The application gives users the opportunity to add their own images, reviews and tips in case of their favourite businesses.
  • Users will get the latest classifieds on cars, mobiles, jobs, real estate etc. at their fingertips with the AskMe application.
  • It is possible for the user to create personalized listings of their favourite local businesses.
  • They will be able to read a lot of reviews through the application to determine which are the good businesses and the bad within their city.
  • The developers of AskMe have added many features that seek to simplify the lives of the users. The sharing of favourite businesses with friends through social media networks is one of them and adds to the overall popularity enjoyed by the application among Android smartphone users.
  • The app makes it possible for users to look up the phone numbers and addresses for a variety of businesses, and call and question them instantly regarding the AskMe app and its reliability and accessibility.
  • The AskMe app excels at providing additional and relevant information pertaining to business for the advantage of the users, such as payment methods, ratings and opening hours – all of which help to make the choice easier and faster for the users.

Ease of Use

Every smartphone user wants to use an application on their device that will not create any sort of hassles. They want smooth, uninterrupted programming and any app that fulfills this promise will immediately gain popularity in the Android market.

The main feature that sets an app apart from the others is how easy it is to use the application. The user should not be made to explore for the correct option on the screen of their handset device while using the smartphone since it not only frustrates them but wastes a great deal of time. Moreover, some aspects and specifications featured in the application lend it an edge over the competition.

Nature of User Interface

The user interface in case of the AskMe application is so simple and clutter-free that the users will not feel the least bit clumsy using it. In case of the conversion of inputted data to outputted information, the user interface for AskME is very clean and sophisticated. The app boldly displays the information to the most possible approximation of businesses.

Integrated Search Engine

Integrated Search Engine

This is one of the most essential factors that draw users to the application in the first place. When the user is looking for a particular business in his/her locality, they can search for free deals and ads at the same time which are present in their locality without going back to the homepage. This sort of important searching technique is practiced on all the essential web engines.

Usage of Minimum Resources

One of the best aspects of the AskMe application is its ability to run using the least resources of the device. Since the application is able to run a single app that performs all the tasks of three applications, it means that the user is saving the hardware resources of their smartphone by almost twice.

Moreover, users will be happy to know that most budget and high-end smartphones support the application and so, there should be no compatibility issues. All that the AskMe application requires to run on behalf of its users is a working WiFi/ data or GPS connection, which means that even some normal application handsets can run the app.

Final Thoughts

The AskMe application is not a new idea but its approach of combining three separate applications into one makes it extremely indispensable to the users. The integrated search features and the cool UI has proven itself helpful for providing the greatest amount of information. The app has a lot of downloads which means that it is fulfilling what their competitors failed to.

Any user who wishes to use this application can find it available on the Google Play Store for Android devices. They need to download and install it at once and the app remains compatible with every sort of Android after version 2.2.

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