The Role of Modern Technologies In College Life

College education is becoming more and more based on technology with the passage of time. Times have changed highly from those of our parents when there used to be long classroom sessions, notebooks for taking notes and many books to do their studying.

But now times have changed and eBooks in place of books, notepads for taking notes and online classroom sessions have become much more prevalent than those old methods.

Results of tech surveys on college students

Recent surveys on students of various colleges have shown that they are much more prone to the technological advancements and their usage than the students who belonged to a few generations back. They do their studies, take notes and communicate with their faculties with the help of the modern technologies that are available in the market.

Students involved in the four year courses make use of these technologies a lot more than those of the community colleges. With the availability of smart phones, ipads, laptops and eBooks these students are getting more dependent on technologies for their academic purposes.

According to the studies and surveys conducted on the students it has been observed as many as 38% of these college students check their mails every ten minutes by means of their laptops, smart phones and tablets. 65% students take the help of technologies to make and present their presentations and projects.

Taking notes on notebooks and papers are no longer the trend now-a-days and almost 70% of the students now use their keyboards and notepads to take and store their notes in the class. The studies showed that about 91% of students maintained communication with their faculties and professors constantly by means of mails and chats.

For the purpose of studying almost 98% of the students owned and used an ereader to read eBooks which have taken over from the books made of paper. Finally the studies showed that as much as 73% of the students assured of the fact that they cannot go on with their studies without the help and the assistance of technology.

High tech Appliances

The numerous gadgets and items that have brought about a great advancement in technology are very cot effective and are much more affordable for the students with limited resource of finance. The digital notebooks that are available and can be used for taking notes cost as much as 40% lesser than any and all kinds of printed textbooks and notebooks.

This helps the students to fulfill their purposes in a much easier and cheaper way than before.  Moreover most of these advanced technological gadgets incorporate numerous features that make them even useful for students.

They need not have to buy the different gadgets separately as most of them have multiple features that serve various needs and purposes of the students. Take for example the iPad or the laptop; they can not only be used to take notes in the classes while lectures are ongoing but also have calculators ereaders and many other features that can be made of use by the students.

Useful applications in the high tech gadgets

The students can make use of these technologies for their studies in many ways. Like for example they can use Skype, which is a very popular smart phone application that can be used for group studying or conducting virtual classroom sessions.

The snoozer recorder applications help in capturing of visuals and recording of prolonged classroom sessions and long lectures. The Wunderlist application helps in keeping notes and setting reminders for the students in case of home works or submission of assignments.

Carrying calculators have now become obsolete as all these gadgets have calculators in them that can used to perform simple to complex calculations with ease. These modern gadgets also include GPS systems that can assist the students in finding their locations and the essential spots in the college campus.

Advancement of technology has brought about a great deal of ease in simplicity in the life of the students for the purpose of studying and shaping their careers.

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  1. Thats the advantage of technology now. It’s much easier for the student to do some research in a very affordable price.

    And some school also is requiring computer for the student to take down new lesson.

  2. Technology is affecting not just college life, but all other aspects from all walks of life as well. But yeah, the times have really changed, and I just hope are using the benefits of technology to better their learning abilities.


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