HP Business Slate Powered By Windows 8

HP Business Slate Powered By Windows 8

For those who are looking for a tablet with Windows 8 power, HP Slate 8 is a nice option. Even though HP had a bad reputation in the tablet market, it is trying its level best to regain respectable position in tablet market.

Speculations are in full swing about HP’s ambitious ‘Slate’. It is reported that the size of the screen will be 10.1”. The slate is likely to be fitted with x89 processor. The battery is expected to last 8 to 10 hours on moderate working conditions.

HP slate will be 0.36” in thick which is less than iPad. The new slate is targeted to meet the requirements of frequent travelers and businessmen.

Users can operate easily by using either multi-touch or digital pen input option. You will be provided with the outdoor viewing option. It also offers excellent docking facilities making it ideal to carry from one place another place in an effortless manner. HP Slate 8 weighs just 680 grams.

The additional advantages offered by the slate come in the form of extended security. The gadget will be shielded from security threats as it will be loaded with HP’s ProtectTools software. Security is further enhanced by embedding TPM.

Users will be able to experience Windows 8 professional on HP Slate. By being able to deploy Windows 8 professional with slate, HP will be able to deliver more power to users. Users will be able to install desktop applications and will be able to enhance their productivity as they will be able to continue to work with the applications that are usually run on desktop and laptop only.

In addition to HP’s Slate 8, it is likely that other brands will launch Windows based tablets in the coming weeks and months. It is acclaimed by some tech circles that HP has the capability to launch new gadgets with innovation.

HP has to prove its capability by coming out with attractive design and form factor. In addition to hardware capabilities, the software functionality should be optimized to serve the needs of the current generation of business users and general enthusiasts.

HP might have learnt lessons from its previous debacles. HP has to come up with an altogether impeccable software functionality to reverse the past infamous fame on its tablets. It is an opportunity for both HP and Microsoft to prove their capability beyond desktop market.

If the slate is going to deliver 8 to 10 hours of battery backup it should not compromise on the processing capability or the accessing speed. If the slate is provided with an AMD processor, it will be able to deliver a reasonable performance.

The reasonable expected memory levels are of the order of 2 GB to 4 GB. Users will be further satisfied if the slate is provided by 250 GB to 500 GB storage. The biggest drawback of Windows based slates is the utilization of Atom processor which resulted in less power and slow performance.

The selection of Windows 8 for HP Slate places HP in commanding position. The ability to utilize both desktop applications and Windows 8’s metro interface make the slate versatile. It will be interesting to find how desktop applications and interface applications will work at the same time.

Even though HP Slate 8 is targeted for business community, it is equally poised to be attracted by ordinary consumers. The sleek design and reasonable battery backup is great temptations for ordinary users.  In a business point of view, Microsoft and Intel many not enjoy tremendous benefits as it expects from desktop market.

However, these efforts are commended to demonstrate their capability in the tablet segment. The resulting success can be carried forward for future gadgets. On the other hand, the failure on HP’s part will lead to further damage of its already delicate image in the tablet market.

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  1. I’m a big fan of HP laptop. So i believe HP can do a great job in making Windows 8 tablet as well. Hopefully, they can catch up with the likes of Samsung, Asus, Sony and other tablet makers out there. Even LG is currently on the right track with its LG G Pad 8.3, which is a brilliant tablet running Android. I think HP must be really serious in taking this business for their future tablets. They cannot just out some tablet without any effort in marketing.

  2. HP actually also has other latest Windows 8.1 tablets available on its website recently. And i heard it is affordable to buy. I actually am confused whether to pick this Windows 8.1 tablet from HP or NVIDIA Shield Tablet. Both are great quality devices.


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