EBook Reader Apps Vs The iPad: A Quick Comparison

EBook Reader Apps Vs The iPad: A Quick Comparison

Various ebook readers are already available in the market. Apple has also launched their own iBooks client with iPad, however presently books can read only on iPad and people are quite hesitant to purchase it currently.

While there is no definite reason that iPad might kill the sales of ebooks, most of the gadget aficionados are finding it satisfactory. And together with ebook reader espousal being very low, iPad might support ebook reading similar to what iPhone did by allowing applications to read ebooks and do web surfing on the move.

Here is the list of the three persuasive ebook reader clients available on iPad, presently.

 Amazon Kindle

This app for iPad seems to be good; however Kindle store is not incorporated into it. Whenever you open this app, you will be either asked to login or to create a new account. When you choose over a book and start to read, you can bring the Home button by just tapping over the book in the top left part of the screen, and also bookmark by tapping in the top right section.

This particular application is quick and it is also easy to obtain your already purchased content on Kindle onto your iPad. Regrettably, when you tap on the Kindle Store, it will take you to Safari web browser due to the non-availability of in-client store front. Subsequent to your purchase, the ebooks will appear nearly instantly in the library.

Kobo application

This application is already available for PC, Blackberry, MAC, iPhone, Android, and is now available in a new HD form for the iPad. You can get more number of discount offers and coupon which would help you save more on buying new titles.

You can also download a large compilation of public domain books for free of cost. However you cannot access all the titles that are available in Kobo store in your iPad, since display size varies. Still, they work to update the library to assist all their titles.

Apple iBooks

When you launch this application, you will discover that it supports DRM-free books of EPUB format and also that Winnie the Pooh is built-in being an exhibition of the application. This ebook client is sure to amaze you visually, since they offer physical book reading experience together with a wooden bookshelf backdrop, physical page facets that are displayed over the edges to offer you with a feeling of depth.

When you open this client in landscape mode, you will find that you get the experience of reading an ebook which is missing in other ebook applications, wherein you it will give you the experience of just reading a web page or a document.

In order to turn any particular page, you need to just slide your finger left to right or right to left. You can tap, hold and slide along the words to get options for bookmark, search and dictionary. Altogether, iBooks offers a great outlook and is also pretty quick. The only disadvantage is that you can use this application only in your iPad. If you wish to use iPad as your primary ebook reader then you can opt to purchase this one.


All these three ebook readers have their own strong points; yet, Apple iBooks becomes the best when taking the user interface into account. Also, the iBooks application appears to be physically like a book and has lots of font sizes and styles.

If you wish to read DRM-free EPUB books, then you must opt for iBooks application, since they can be loaded with much ease on the iPad by syncing with iTunes. On the downside, you need to buy ebooks on iBooks store to read them and you can only read them on your iPad.

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  1. I think that the ebook reader apps which are avilable for all devices will take over the reading market majoritivly, I feel this is because apps are cheap and allow you to do the same things as actually buying an ebook reader. To buy an ebook reader costs a lot of money and I still stick with reading using an app on my computer.


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