Speed Up Your Computer By Defragmenting Regularly

Speed Up Your Computer By Defragmenting Regularly
It’s amazing how technology and computers have advanced in last 20 years. They have become common household electronic products. Everyone is using them children & adults’ business and homes.

As common as electronics and its technology have become over the years, More than 80% of households have some form of computer. Computers are very common in 2013 but maintaining them is not as common to the general electronic consumer. There are some very affordable, easy tools you can use to speed up your hard drive as well as help you maintain your computers health.

Over the years of using computers many of us have learned how to open files, how to save files, how to alter and even how to move files, some even know how to record files and much more. Many others may simply know how to navigate on the internet, pay bills, search, shop, play games, watch movies and videos even and upload and download.

While some know how to load and use various software to our personal computers and Macs, there are even less of us that actually know how to perform all of these functions and more. Many of us know many ways to put our computers to work but not many ways to clean, speed up hard drive and maintain the computer’s health.

Simple tips to maintain your computer’s health

If you are an avid internet user you want to make sure that you clear your cache often.

  • Defragment your computer weekly
  • Clear Your Cache weekly
  • Save all documents in the same folder
  • Save all movies in the same folder
  • Save all music in the same folder
  • Save all pictures in the same folder
  • Save all videos in the same folder

Saving files alike in the same folder will help keep your computer from freezing and running slow as well.

Not many people know what cache, defragmenting and disk drive even is. Never mind how to or the benefits of consistently clearing their cache, defragmenting the C: drive and performing a pc and/or mac clean up on a regular basis. Most computer owners have no idea it should and most times will speed up the hard drive unless already damaged. Performing these three things on a regular basis can extend the life of your computer and help you avoid going through frustrating issues.

Defragmenting is very vital to maintain your personal computer or mac’s speed and accuracy. It places moved files back where they belong and fixes errors. It can avoid your system from having many frustrating issues in some instances even devastating such as crashing, freezing, loosing information and other problems.

If your computer doesn’t have defragment software you are recommended to purchase one so that you can start performing this action as soon as possible. It is not recommended that you download this software. However if you do decide to choose to download a pc and/or mac clean up software be sure you are downloading from a safe and trusted site and you are not downloading a virus and/or malware.

Adir Mashiach is a computer expert since 2003. He runs a website about defrag Mac that aims to help people to solve their problem having a slow Mac because of the cluttered hard drive. 

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  1. Thanks so much for this post.. because I used to defrag all the time.. and clean out my cache all the time.. yet I must admit, I’ve not done it in a while.. I’m getting right to it now. Thank you and keep smiling

  2. I’m a PC user and I’ve never tried using any defragmenting software other than the built-in Windows Disk Defragmenter. How is the other 3rd party ones better than Windows Disk Defragmenter anyway?


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