How to Switch From iPhone to Android Without Losing Data?

How to switch from iPhone to Android without losing data?

In today’s smart world everybody likes to change from one model of smart phone to the other.

To explore newer possibilities you might want to switch from iPhone to Android.

A change of platform is something a lot of people try out to get the feel of the other available platforms in the market.

Previously the trend was of android users transferring to apple to avail the premium features that the platform guarantees.

Android now has improved its software game by offering its users with endless possibilities. Also for the love of new things, a lot of people are switching from iPhone to Android.

The move from iPhone to Android is easy; you simply buy a device that runs on android. These days almost all the high end chart topper phones are running android software under the hood.

Once you have bought your new device, you would want to transfer all your important data from your IPhone to Android.

This can however be a bit tricky. Apple is amazing in a lot of ways, but when it comes to transferring of certain data, the process is not easy.

It is easy to transfer data from one apple device to another, but to transfer it to android requires some guidance which we shall now provide you with.


The first thing that everyone wants to move when changing phones is the contact. Contact lists are of utmost importance and losing them is not an option.

When you are using an apple phone all your contacts are automatically synced into iCloud.

This makes it easier for you to retain contacts when using a different apple device a well as when you move from iPhone to Android.

First make sure that all your contacts are synced into your iCloud. Turn on sync for the contacts in settings on your iPhone.

Log into the iCloud website and in the settings of the contact manager click on ‘gear’. Select all the contacts and choose the ‘export vcard’ option.

Log onto the Google contacts website with your Google account. Select import and then the vcard file that you have.

All your contacts are automatically going to be synced to your new android phone. This is the best way to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android without making use of third party apps.

Photos and videos

The transferring of videos and pictures from an iPhone to Android is easier than moving contacts. The best feature that the iPhone has which makes everything so much easier is the iCloud.

Everything from your iPhone can be synced to your personal cloud. Things are all the easier if you own a Macbook.

After you have started to use your android phone, you will want all the videos and pictures that you have taken in your iPhone to be there in your android.

Android phones have extendable memories so a lot of material can be stored in the phones with ease. First you have to check if you have backed up your pictures and videos to iCloud.

Go to settings in your iPhone and switch on backup albums. That way all your stuff will be uploaded to the cloud. After that you can log onto the iCloud software from your computer and download all the items to your Pc.

From your Pc drag and drop things to your new android phone. You will then have all your stuff in your Android phone.

If you don’t have a PC you can use third party backup apps to transfer your pictures and videos from iPhone to Android.


Music is something you need on your phone. It is a necessity.

Unless you are one who liked to play all their music on an iPod you will want to transfer all your music when you move from iPhone to Android.

Unlike android you can’t simply drag and drop your music files from your iPhone to your PC. Apple music files are of a high quality and therefore have different file types.

The best way to get your music in your new android phone is to sync all your music to the iTunes. After you have it on iTunes, get it on your computer from there.

Simply drag and drop your music to the android device after you connect it with an USB cord to your computer.

Or else you can download Google music manager for PC and upload the songs there and you will get everything on your android device.

Apps and games

Let us just tell you from the start that you can’t transfer your apps and games from your apple device to the android device.

They are different platforms and apps are developed differently for the two different platforms. What apps in apple platform can do, they don’t do in android platform.

You will have to go through the rigorous task of downloading all the apps that you had in your previous phone but if you have Wi-Fi that shouldn’t be an issue.

All apps have separate log in-s and retain data in their data systems. As soon as you download an app or game and log into it using your ID you are going to retain the data.

In case of some games you have to change the device settings. Opening the game you will get support from the games and apps as to how to go about these.

EBooks and documents

EBooks are compatible with both apple and android and they don’t change across platforms. It is therefore very easy to transfer these from one device to another.

You simply have to backup your eBook and documents to the iCloud then download it on your computer.

After that with the help of an USB drag and drop them into your android storage to access them in your new phone.

In case you have purchased eBooks and magazines on Kindle, all you need to do is log in to the app using your username and password and you can read all of them again.

iCloud enable users to transfer almost anything from an apple device to an android device via the computer.

Make sure you keep everything backed up in the cloud. Keep removing items to your PC to free the limited cloud space you have.

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