10 Kindle Fire Apps You Shouldn’t Ignore

10 Kindle Fire Apps You Shouldn’t Ignore

In a recent survey, the Kindle Fire came second in a list of the top selling tablet devices. This shows how popular the Amazon device has become.

The Kindle Fire runs on Fire OS which is a modified version of the Android operating system developed by Google. It does not have access to the overpopulated Google Play Store but Amazon Kindle Fire apps can be found in the Amazon App Store.

As such, there are many useful applications there, which many might not have heard of. This is shameful because the Kindle tablet has got both the hardware and the software, to handle a wide variety of apps. Moreover, the Amazon App Store has a number of nifty Kindle Fire apps which help in day to day activities.

1. Evernote

Evernote is a one stop app for all note related things. The app’s primary function is to serve as a notepad. The notes can not only be text but also photos and audio files.

There is a tagging system which allows for faster searching of particular notes. Notes can also be arranged onto different notebooks for better organization.

The app can be installed on a variety of operating systems which means that users can create, edit and save notes across their devices. The online storage ability ensures that notes remain intact even if the device is destroyed or stolen. It is easily an excellent app for Kindle Fire.

2. Flipboard

People with accounts on various social networking websites always tend to face problems keeping up with the constant flow of updates from each of them. Too much time is wasted just shifting from one social app to another.

Flipboard is an app designed to minimize the time wasted as well as to remove the headaches associated with maintaining the social networks. All the news feeds from your various social media are put together in an organized manner by Flipboard. Other sources of news like the New York Times can also be subscribed to.

3. Pageonce Money and Bills

In this fast paced world, one cannot always maintain a daily log of expenditures. Fortunately, Pageonce has created one useful app to help us manage our money more effectively.

The app does more than just maintain a log of expenditures. This app allows users to check their balance in the bank and maintain a list of monthly bills. Any investments that users have made can also be logged into the app.

The app then automatically sorts the information and shows the users what their monthly expenditure looks like and sorts the bills neatly into various categories. It is a very useful app especially for spendthrifts. Moreover, the app is very secure and is trusted by a number of security companies like McAfee and Verisign.

4. Office Suite Professional 7

A tablet can be a valuable accessory to a businessman or a student. A suite of office apps like a word processor or a spreadsheet editor can be invaluable for them in their day to day life. For them, Office Suite Professional 7 is a must download app.

It has all the necessary programs one looks for in a suite. These programs are tailor made for a tablet and therefore users won’t suffer from any setbacks while creating that all too important document.

5. AndroZip Root File Manager

No matter how good smartphones, tablets and their operating systems get, the inbuilt file manager rarely seem to be good enough. This file management app is perfectly optimized for use on the Kindle.

It has very good organizational capabilities and the tools come are very handy, especially the one used for locating files. There is also a tool for compressing files which is quite helpful as there won’t be a need to download a separate app for that purpose.

You can download AndroZip at Amazon here.

You can download AndroZip at Google play here.

6. Pulse News

It is important, especially for businessmen and such, to keep track of the events occurring around the world. Many news sources have their own standalone apps.

However, not all of them deal in all the categories which a person likes. Shifting through different news items on two or more different apps can also become time consuming. Fortunately there is Pulse News.

Simply put, this app gathers news on behalf of the user from various sources at once. The data collected is then presented in an easily readable manner. Users can also select the categories on which to receive news.

7. Clean Master

After prolonged use, any smartphone or tablet tends to have useless junk files stores in their storage space. These files can be leftover files after an app has been uninstalled or cache files etc.

They take up space and can even slow down the performance of the device. Clean Master has one simple task and that is to delete all these unnecessary junk form the device. The lack of too many options makes it useful for those who just want a simple solution to this problem.

8. EasilyDO

EasilyDO is like a virtual personal assistant in your tablet. This is a very nifty and useful app which everyone will come to rely on. The app connects all the important stuff like social media, e-mails etc.

The app can then be automated to perform actions like wishing someone on their birthday in Twitter, Facebook or e-mail or automatically updating contact lists when messages are received. The app can also track any package users might have ordered which is especially handy on an Amazon device.

9. Sketchbook Mobile

It doesn’t matter if one is a budding artist or someone doodling away to pass the time, one requires a sketching app. A tablet is especially suited for image editing and creation.

Sketchbook Mobile is very useful in that regard as it has all the important tools of an image editor. The images can be also sent via e-mail.

10. Dropbox

One can never underestimate the use of a cloud storage app. Dropbox allows files to be saved to a cloud storage account to protect them in case of mishaps.

Since Dropbox can be installed on a variety of operating systems, the files can be accessed from any device the user has. This also means that all files across all devices will be in sync. This is quite helpful if one has to shift an edited document from one device to another.


There are a number of Kindle Fire apps which are useful in daily situations. Amazon has made an awesome and capable range of devices, the latest of which is the Kindle Fire HD. Therefore one can expect even better Kindle Fire apps coming soon.

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