What Technologies Increase a Home’s Selling Price

technologies increase home selling price

Technology has advanced rapidly in recent years, and it hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. People are constantly on their computers and mobile devices, as technology really dominates many aspects of our lives. Now, even our homes are filled with many technological aspects, many of which could alter our home’s value. Since technology is so important in today’s society, technological advancement in your home could not only raise the price of your home but also attract new buyers to look at your home. These technological advancements will likely attract young wealthy buyers to your home, as they are the group that is most experienced with using technology.

So before you bust out a home affordability calculator when looking at a home, it’s important to consider what technologies you want in a home and how they will affect the home’s value. This is important to do regardless of whether you are looking to buy a new home or trying to value your own. That being said, how can you know which technology can raise your home’s value? Here are a few technologies that can increase a home’s selling price.

Smoke Detectors

Fire safety is extremely important when it comes to protecting your home. Many people suffer from fire damage every year, making smoke detectors an extremely important part of a home. Smoke detectors have gotten much more advanced, as now modern smoke detectors can save you and your home from damage. Not only will modern smoke detectors help you protect yourself from fire damage, but it could also save you money. The extra fire protection could allow a homeowner to save on insurance since there is much less risk of fire damage. 

Security Systems

Having your home broken into is an extremely scary thought. Your valuable items could be stolen and your privacy would be invaded. Due to this, people place high importance on home security. As a result of this demand, security systems have become increasingly advanced and high-tech. You can now monitor your home and get alerts from a mobile device, as well as outfit your home with additional protections. Security systems are a great way to make residents of a home feel safe and secure, and having one pre-installed will definitely raise your home’s value and attract new buyers.


Thermostats are another piece of technology that can increase a home’s value. Modern thermostats are extremely advanced, allowing you to control the temperature of individual rooms and set times for when a room should be heated or cooled. Not only is this technology extremely effective and convenient, but it could also save you lots of money on your energy bill. Advanced thermostats could allow you to turn off heating and cooling while you’re at work, and then turn back on again right before you get back home. This allows it to feel like your system has been working all day when in reality it was conserving energy and turned on right before you got home.


Lighting is extremely important in a home, so it’s no wonder that advanced lighting technologies can raise a home’s value. There are plenty of technologies that can be associated with lighting, some of which focus around activation. For example, lights could be activated by voice or through physical movement like clapping. Additional features that could be associated with lighting could be a setting that allows you to control the brightness of your lights or set schedules for when they turn off and on. These technological advancements can add a lot of convenience to a home, and thus raise the value considerably.


Appliances have become a necessity for the home in today’s world, and high tech ones can really raise a home’s value. Having a quality high-tech dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, or dryer can make doing chores around the house so much easier. That’s why the more advanced models of these appliances can cost thousands of dollars. In addition, these advanced appliances typically are much more energy-efficient than their outdated counterparts, meaning that the homeowner will save a lot on electricity. As a result, new appliances can have a major impact on the selling price of your home.

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