14 Tips for Designing Great Logo for Your Business [Infographic]

A logo plays an important role in building up your brand’s image and getting the perfect logo designed for your business is not an easy task. A good logo designer must keep a few key things in mind while designing a logo and in this article we will be taking a look at some of the tips to design a great logo.

Whether you are looking for a technology company logo or for any other business, having a memorable and impactful logo is desirable. Find below an infographic with 14 must know tips in order to design a great logo:

tips great logo design

Source: ebaqdesign.com

Tips for logo design:

  1. Conduct market research and create a brand strategy to tell the story of your business.
  2. Keep your logo simple as simpler logo is easier to memorize.
  3. Have a unique element in your logo which the users will remember.
  4. Speak to your audience to learn about their expectations.
  5. Don’t fall pray to design trends such as gradients and shadows, keep your logo timeless.
  6. Use an appropriate typeface to add a personality to your logo.
  7. Use negative space if possible to add an extra effect.
  8. Use italic font or angle cuts to add movement if needed.
  9. Use a consistent color scheme.
  10. Use recognizable symbols to express brand’s key attributes such as shipping, maintenance etc.
  11. Utilize basic shapes such as circle, ovals, curves etc to project positive emotional message.
  12. Keep a balanced aspect ratio for your logo.
  13. Aim for your logo to be instantly recognizable.
  14. Add a unique element to make your logo memorable.

If you found the above infographic helpful, then we also found a few other infographics listed below to help you design the perfect logo:

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