25 Best Tech Logo Designs for Company and Startups

A technology based company requires a brand identity that resonates with its technology offering, be it an application or a service. A logo is the most important aspect of the brand identity and in this post, we have assembled together some of the best tech logo designs that you can use for your technology company or startup.

You will find many different and unique logo design ideas in our collection, all of which are suitable for depicting technical products and services. As a technology business can be of many different types such as a software company, a tech service company or a company/startup offering Saas, Baas, Paas or Iaas. The logos we have selected are generic in nature and thus can represent any type of tech business. You just need to pick the one you like and then you can go ahead with acquiring a royalty free license for them which will allow you to use them for your own company and commercial products.

Best Tech Logo Designs Templates

Find below our collection best tech logo design templates. Some of these templates are available to be downloaded in AI, EPS, PSD, SVG etc. format and can be modified easily even with free graphic design software if needed. In case of PSD, you can learn how to edit PSD files without Photoshop in our tutorial.

Additionally, you will also find logo designs that are available for you to edit online and download the high resolution PNG logo from Placeit. These editable templates make it easy to create a tech logo even if you are not familiar with graphic design software.

Logo Tech with Bulb Sign

logo tech with bulb

This minimal tech logo design features a bright bulb representing idea or spark of brilliant thought. The logo is suitable for any forward focusing tech company or business. The logo template can be edited online and easily customized with the information of your technology company.


Hexagon Logo

hexagon tech logo design

This is a hexagonal logo design template suitable for any tech company, software business or technology consulting firms. If features an abstract hexagon shape with blue color shades, a color that represents trustworthiness and dependability (read this) and is used in their logo designs by big corporates such as IBM and Facebook.


Tech Wave Logo

tech wave logo

This is a modern logo designed for technology companies. Waves are often used to represent unstoppable force sweeping everything in its path. The wavy graphic with soft gradient used in the logo represents strength and inevitability, but also grace and fluidity.


Logo Design for AI Services

ai services logo design

This modern gradient logo design featuring human face is ideal for the companies working in innovative technologies and providing services related to artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality.


Robotech Logo

robotech logo

We all know that a robot represents the most advanced technology humans are able to make and hence this logo with robot graphic and text written in a complementary geometric techno font is apt for any futuristic technology company. The logo is also suitable for chatbot based products and services. You can edit the logo and slogan online and download PNG file without watermark.


Tech Logo with Human Face

tech vector logo template

A modern colorful tech logo template that represents human face connected with technology. The logo is suitable for any technology business or company. It is downloadable as AI and EPS vector files and comes with help file on editing the colors, shapes and fonts to customize the logo according to your requirement.


Cloud Tech Logo

Cloud Tech Logo

This is a stylish, clean and modern logo template that can be can used by cloud technology companies. This logo is available for download in AI, EPS and PSD formats and features CMYK colors, fully editable vector shapes and 300 ppi high resolution.

You can also check out these cloud logo templates for more logo designs with cloud graphic.


Big Data Logo Design

big data logo template

Data is information. No wonder, businesses are leveraging big data in today’s digital world. This simple logo design is perfect for big data companies and startups developing the next generation of tools and software for data storage and data management.


Data Security Logo Design

data security tech logo

Cybersecurity breaches cost businesses billions of dollars each year. This logo template is designed for companies offering software and services related to cybersecurity and data protection.


Lidera – Logo Template

lidera logo template

“Lidera” is a colorful and abstract logo design template suitable for any modern company or business. This vector based logo is downloadable in AI, EPS and PSD format. You also get a bonus business card design when you purchase this logo design.


Sparks brand identity design logo

sparks identity brand design logo graphic

“Sparks” is a modern, minimalist logo template including a beautiful and dynamic planet shape made of three overlapping colorful waves and symbolizing a secure triangle eye. This logo is perfect for a technology business, consulting agency or startup website. The logo vector file is built in CMYK mode in 300 DPI and is print ready.


Cubic Box Technologies Logo

cubic box logo

This professional and effective logo presents a cubic design with shades of vibrant colors. The polygonal look gives it a modern feel which is suitable for logo of tech companies. The download contains AI, EPS, JPG files as well as transparent background PNG image.


Human Techno Logo

human techno logo

This is a perfect logo if you want to represent humans connecting with technology. The logo design is available in 4 different color schemes and you can easily change the logo text and slogan with the EPS, AI(CS), PDF, PSD files provided.


Hexa Tech – Technology Logo

hexa tech logo

This is another futuristic logo design suitable for representing cutting edge, dynamic and hi-tech products/services. The logo design is available in horizontal and vertical version and is also available in a monotone color scheme.


Uncube Logo

uncube logo

Uncube is a 3D logo design suitable for technology, graphic design, 3D modelling or game development companies. The download contains logo in AI, EPS, PSD, PDF, JPG, PNG of horizontal, vertical and one-color variations. You also get Web-Glyph for creating favicon of the site along with a 3000×2000 px corporate background.


Pixel Geek Logo

pixel geek logo

Pixel geek is a minimalist and modern logo design made to look like pixel art. The logo is suitable for graphic design studios, creative media agencies, game development or app development studios. The logo is available in three different color variations: blue, green and red. A black and white version of the logo is also available for download.


Digital Tree Logo Template

digital tree logo template

Sparking the digital imagination, this “Digital Tree” logo features a beautifully designed tree in geometric style. This unique, fully editable and re-sizable vector logo is also available in black and white version.


Data Tech Logo

data tech logo

This stylish, clear and modern logo template utilizes vibrant color scheme which leaves a lasting brand imprint. The logo is designed as vector graphic in CMYK format. Download contains AI and EPS files.


Spark Tech Logo

spark tech logo

This futuristic and modern tech logo has bold color scheme and is suitable for any technology company, media or gaming industry. The logo design has extended license, so you can use it for anything you want.


Tech Brain Logo Template

tech brain logo

This is a beautifully designed colorful tech logo representing a human brain connecting with technology. The logo is perfect for any technology business or company. It is available as AI and EPS file with 100%  editable and re-sizable content. It includes CMYK color format.


Human Technology Logo

humantex logo

This aesthetically pleasing unique logo design is perfect for information technology and communication companies. Available in colored, black and white version, the vector logo is easily customizable.


Lion Technology – Logo Template

lion technology logo

This modern and awesome logo template made of lion face is great for showing strength and dependability. Available in 5 different color variations, this premium design logo will be great for any tech company looking to connect themselves with the lion figure.


Youth Technology Logo

youth technology logo

Connecting youth with technology, this modern logo design is perfect for young startups and business targeting the youth generation. Apart from the colorful version show above, there is also a single color version available for the logo.


Code Technology Logo

code technology logo

Coding is associated with technology, programming and software development. A related startup or company can use this minimal code technology logo. The logo consists of curly braces often featuring in a computer program.


Interactive Logo

interactive logo

This is a abstract polygonal logo template suitable for any kind of business. With bright color schemes, the logo is available in AI, EPS and PSD formats.


Did you find a suitable logo design for your technology business or startup? Don’t forget that these logo are premium design and you can buy the right to use them in your branding. Unlike some free logos available online which restrict their usage and are not suitable for use in commercial product, the logo designs we have presented above are suitable to be used as your company or product logo without any restrictions.

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