6 Tips for Creating a High-Converting Product Video

Every self-respecting company has thought about product video production. Such a video shows the product in more detail, demonstrates its benefits, and influences the emotions of a potential buyer.

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Video marketing is numerous opportunities to provide audiences with engaging content. By the way, 62% of marketers consider video engagement the top metric. It is videos that will help answer emerging questions, increase brand trust and awareness, help with business promotion, and speed up the decision to purchase.

In general, multiple types of video content for businesses exist. A product video is one of them. Companies invest in product video production in order to show the potential client all the features and advantages of the offered item or service.

Of course, to succeed and get a positive effect from a product video, you need to take into account various points. In this article, we will talk about what to pay attention to when creating a high-converting product video.

What is a Product Video?

A product video is one of the most popular and effective marketing tools. It demonstrates your good or service in practice. It can be a video review, a series of video guides and tutorials, demo videos, etc. Your product video should contain answers to critical viewers’ questions, instructions, or application tips.

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As a rule, such videos are of two types:

  • Animation. It is a good way to convey complex things to the viewer simply and clearly. If competitors usually release ordinary videos, then the animation will help to effectively stand out.
  • Natural shooting. The main advantage of this type is that people associate themselves with real live characters than with animated ones. To produce such a product video, you will need a crew, location, props, professional video gear.

How To Create A High-Converting Product Video

1. Prepare in advance

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Analyze competitors who are already successfully creating content for similar products. Pay special attention to the product videos that get the most views. Read the comments. Conclude what your target audience likes and dislikes and what you can do better.

Next, determine the budget for each product video production. It requires purchasing your own equipment and finding a team or hiring a product video production company with all the necessary equipment and professional skills.

Then decide on the video content format for your business promotion. It may be a review in the workshop or a how-to video, unpacking, crash testing, or useful tips. 

2. Write a script

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Creating a high-converting video starts with a script. The script is the most crucial part of the product video production process. To write it, you need to analyze the search queries for your product. Moreover, you should find out what interests your customers when making a purchase decision. Look at the product through the eyes of the buyers and tell them a story.

Research your target audience and structure your video intro so that people recognize themselves in it. Talk to your audience in their language, raise the problem they care about, and offer your product or service as a solution. 

3. Add calls-to-action

Today, creating product videos has become commonplace. So, try to intrigue the audience, kindle their curiosity, offer them an unconditional benefit. It is significant to analyze the target audience and determine the needs of potential customers. If you explain to them that your company solves their problems, they are more likely to choose this offer.

For instance, exclusivity is a powerful way to convince people they want your particular product. Mention limited offer or that there are very few items left. It will encourage users to make a decision and convert, as a result, and help you improve your business.

4. Pick the perfect audio

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One of the tricky aspects of creating video content is finding background music. There are hundreds of sites with millions of tracks to choose from, and each of them has different search features, a unique approach to copyright, differs in the genres and directions represented.

Music makes the video content more dynamic and alive. A good composition can hold attention and evoke certain emotions in a potential client. It also attracts a certain amount of social media views.

Choose a track that suits the video plot. It should also be a catchy tune that your customers or competitors will associate with your company and your product.

5. Choose video editing software or hire professionals

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In the very beginning, we have already talked about preliminary preparation. However, it is worth noting that not the choice of a product video production company and all the necessary equipment plays a role, but video editing software as well. Give preference to proven programs only that have a certain reputation among users.

If you have a small budget and no experience in using video editing software, we recommend using tested and budget options with a user-friendly interface (Vimeo, WeVideo, OpenShot, and others). And if you still have the opportunity, it is better, for sure, to hire professional video editors.

 6. Post the product video on social media

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For the final clip to be effective and high-converting, it must not only be engaging , but also posted on as many of your social media accounts as possible. You may need to compress the product video for that. Today, the market offers numerous services for this purpose that won’t damage the quality of the final file.

Also, think over the title and description under the video. The text should contain keywords. It is necessary for search engine algorithms to understand what your video is about and recommend and show it in search results.

Open your masterpieces for comments and reposts. The more people watch, like, comment, and repost them, the higher the conversion is.


Video content is extremely popular, and it’s no wonder. Users find videos engaging, exciting, and impressive so much that the chance of a purchase after watching increases by 64-85%.

Serious work is required to launch a business promotion process and produce high-quality video content: filming and editing a video, searching for music, analyzing results, and so on. The quality of all the necessary gear and lighting, as well as the skill of working with video and audio editing software, play a critical role.

Moreover, your product video should be available on different devices used by your target audience. It is advisable to entrust this work, as well as the process of filming and editing, to professionals. However, if you are on a tight budget, you can do the product video production process yourself.

In any case, this approach will help you not to promote your business on social media only, but take it to the next level. You should demonstrate to the audience what values your firm pursues. And give a call for them to become a part of these values. 

We wish you the best of luck!

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