Upcoming Nexus device from Google may be a phablet

Upcoming Nexus device from Google may be a phablet
Source: wsj.com

The next Nexus device from Google may well be a phablet, according to several reports.

Multiple industry insiders have spoken to the Wall Street Journal and have stated that the tech giant is planning to make a 5.9 inch device which falls in between the phone and tablet size range.

Reports have also suggested that this new “phablet” from Google, which has been codenamed “Shamu”, will ship in with a better and higher resolution display than its predecessors. The report also suggests that this brand new Nexus device will be manufactured by Lenovo, which has acquired Motorola Mobility from the Android giant for a reduced price.

However, traditionally Nexus phones and tablets have different sizes and their numerical order is based on the diagonal screen size of the device and according to several reports earlier this year, HTC was supposed to make the next Nexus tablet inspite of the fact that the trouble stricken company has very little experience in making large devices. 

Thus, it remains to be seen whether Google is looking for two manufacturers to manufacture the phone and the tablet separately in its upcoming Nexus range of devices, which could come with the latest version of Android, the Android L, out of the box.

This next generation of Nexus devices are launching at a time when even Apple, a company which is quite slow to adapt to the market situations, has launched its phablet devices in the form of the 4.7 inch IPhone 6 and the larger 5.5 inch IPhone 6 Plus. Thus, Google will have to pull up their socks and seriously think about their larger smartphone and Tablet range; and will be hoping to resolve their absence in the same through these new Nexus devices.

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