Virtual Web Hosting: The Pros And The Cons



With the advancement of science and technology, people have started purchasing things and getting services at the click of a mouse, sitting comfortably at their home.

Business establishments all over the world have tried to benefit from what the internet has to offer. They have created attractive websites and put relevant contents in it to lure the prospective customers to visit their website and become their regular customer.

Therefore, immense importance has been given to the creation of the website and its web hosting. Every business owner needs to realize that the business website’s success depends heavily on the type and quality of the hosting services.

Selecting the Right Hosting Service for Your Website

Price should not be the main criteria while selecting the hosting services as you might end up jeopardising the quality of your website and therefore lose out to competition in the long run.

If you use the services of a low quality hosting provider for your latest project, chances are high that you might end up with a result that would be undesirable for your business and online presence.

It might also send a wrong signal about your brand to the prospective clients and that would only encourage your competitors who might have inferior products and services compared to yours.

In order to get success in the virtual world, it is highly important on your part to select the right type of hosting. You need to be extra careful while selecting the hosting service provider for your website, while being aware of the resources and requirements.

Why use virtual hosting service?

Among the plenty of hosting services available in the market, one type that could be frequently heard of is the virtual web hosting. This is a popular hosting service and is considered to be the best idea if you are having concerns regarding the monthly budget.

If you have a small business and have a very low budget to use dedicated services in hosting, then you can have a look at the virtual option which is sure to provide you with the advantage of price.

About Virtual Hosting Service

The price of the virtual hosting service could be around slightly lower than $5 to $20, which could be considered to be quite reasonable. There are also some cost effective hosting services which you can avail for your website, but the only catch is that you have got to display some 3rd party advertisements on the website, which might be a distraction.

Therefore, you need to be very cautious in your approach in selecting the right type of virtual hosting service. Just because you are getting something that is cheap or free, does not mean you need to jump on it without thinking.

You also need to look at the long term aspects and the impact that it might have on your website. Check for issues that might arise, if you use any of these services.

Negative Aspects of Virtual Hosting Service

One thing that you need to keep in mind while using the virtual hosting service is that you might end up sharing this virtual platform with unwanted websites that might have illegal contents or spam in it.

You also need to understand that if you share the virtual server with other websites, it could also prove to be costly. Some of the websites also tend to manipulate in such a manner and use unethical ways to reach the top slot of the search engines to have better rankings.

This however, would not go unnoticed and might incur the ban from the leading search engines, which also might affect your website, though you have used the right techniques.

Therefore, it is necessary on your part to read and understand the terms and conditions of the hosting service before selecting them and also try to get a unique IP address for your server.

Other Important Notes to be understood

Another interesting fact that matters a lot is the sharing of the server and the processing requests depend on first come first serve basis. It might happen that your request would come first or last and fast loading of the website entirely depend on the requests.

Furthermore, you need to know the client numbers or the sites with whom you share on the server, as this tends to impact the response time and loading of the website. Checking out the quality of the customer service rendered by these virtual hosting servers is also essential.

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  1. I would recommend dedicated hosting if you are able to afford it as it has many more advantages. If you are just looking to host a blog or two, then virtual hosting should be fine.

  2. You’ve noted great list of pros and cons of virtual web hosting here. I really don’t know that much about hosting so its really a great thing you’ve discussed it here.

  3. You’ve shared a very informative post in which you’ve sited the pros and cons of virtual web hosting. And businesses that will be using it will surely have a great application on their industry.

  4. Very good information. I use Virtual Reseller Hosting with Rochen and have had issues twice in the last year in regards to other sites on the same IP address causing problems for myself and my clients websites. It’s a real nightmare and you are pretty much helpless until it is resolved by the VPS company. I suggest secure hosting for anyone who’s business heavily relies on their internet sales such as ecommerce websites.

  5. thanks for the information. i recently used free hosting because of my budget. but i realize that in the next day i should use paid hosting or more like dediated server.

  6. Over the last couple of years virtual web hosting has been the main stream. One of the reasons why virtual web hosting became so popular is because it supports all necessary web hosting features in very cost-effective manner. A virtual hosting allows multiple customers to share the expense of hardware and network connections without sacrificing of privacy, performance or preference. For this reason, virtual hosting is considered as one of the most sophisticated modes of automation available for provisioning small to mid-sized enterprises with web hosting.

  7. Good article. Actually, virtual hosting services are more advantageous on any businesses that don’t want to handle Internet and hardware problems. IF it were to compare to the dedicated server hosting service, I’d rather take the dedicated. It’s more secured and you can gain access to it anytime.

  8. Great post,
    I like the difference between dedicated hosting service providers and cloud hosting service providers.
    Before these came in to market, virtual web hosting has been the main stream.


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