Top 5 VoIP Service Buying Tips

VoIP Service

As more and more businesses are turning to business IP phones, and more and more VoIP service providers are cropping up, you may be wondering how to choose and if it is for you.

The truth is, an enterprise phone system allows you much more than making phone calls and transferring incoming calls to the right person. There are many benefits to changing from land-lines to VoIP; you need to decide what you need.


Unlike conventional land-lines a VoIP phone costs the same amount every month, no matter how much you use it. Any call within the United States is included with your monthly fee. If your business makes a lot of overseas calls, you can add on that package and call as much as you like without having to worry about your bill going up.

Look over the prices of the different companies. Some have great normal prices with a lot of phone features you will never use and then charge more if you need international service.

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Ease of Use of VoIP

Once the PBX system for VoIP is in place, it will work the same way your old phone system did as far as transferring calls. The important thing to find out is what phones are needed to work with the system.

Some will require you buy all new phones and some will work with what you have already. You do not want to have to buy new phones if you were not planning on it.

To be fair, the ones that have special phone requirements often have better sound and connection than those using a regular phone. With some systems the choice is yours, you can change phones or not.

Look at the Features of VoIP services

If you are hoping to integrate your Cloud and instant messaging capabilities to your phone system, make sure the system allows for it. One of the best things about having an enterprise phone system is being able to decide what features you want and need.

Some systems can have completely wireless phones, allowing workers to roam the building and still receive calls. Another consideration is whether or not you want to have web conferencing or not. Of course, if you do decide to change your mind, it is easy enough to upgrade and get more features.

Number of Lines

If you are going to be having a lot of different phone numbers for individual lines in your system, you need to be sure the program you go with offers that amount or close to it. It is also a good idea to make sure you can add a few lines if the need should arise.

Connection Area

Believe it or not, some service providers do not have coverage everywhere. If you are looking into a new system, make sure they have good connection where you are. Just because they offer service there does not mean it will be good, steady, reliable service.

Making the move to business IP phones should not create any trouble in your communications systems. Looking for a few simple facts will make sure it isn’t.

Michelle Patterson is an established writer that understands the need for new technology in the workplace. She is always looking for new and innovative changes to help small business owners. She suggests to use business IP telephones for your business for best work option. You can find many enterprise phone system out there available now a days.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these tips Michelle. We are in the process of changing our VOIP systems as the earlier one crashed and will definitely keep your post in mind. Great post.

  2. The other day me and my friend were considering making a purchase of VoIP and literally there were a plethora of sellers who deal with it. We faced a lot of confusion because of this, as to which one to pick and which one to leave. These tips have indeed come to our rescue. We will make use of these effective tips to buy our tool. Thanks for the share.


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