What Is the Best Battery for an ATV?

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It stands to reason that different types of vehicles require different batteries. Thus, a motorcycle battery is very different from one used for an ATV, which in turn is very different from a battery used in a car. Therefore, you are well on your way to choosing the best battery for your ATV merely by narrowing your search to those intended specifically for that type of vehicle.

Another important factor in choosing the best battery for your ATV is to look at the cold cranking amps. This is the measure of power that the battery puts out at vehicle startup. The number of CCAs that you need should be appropriate to your vehicle. The manufacturer’s instructions should include a recommendation, but you may require more CCAs if you have a lot of aftermarket accessories on your ATV that consume more power. Aging components may increase the demand on your battery, so you may also need more CCAs if your ATV is older.

How To Pick Power Sports Batteries

There are three main types of ATV batteries available. Lithium batteries are the most recently developed. Unlike the two other types, lithium batteries contain no liquid. As a result, they can be mounted in any position and are smaller and lighter than the other types. Lithium batteries last longer but are more expensive to purchase.

When the acid inside a lead acid battery receives power from the engine, it charges the two lead plates inside. This produces an electric current which is delivered to the starter and other electrical components of the ATV as needed. Lead acid batteries are also known as conventional batteries because they have been around the longest. They can last a long time but need frequent maintenance to be sure the acid remains at an adequate level.

Like a conventional ATV battery, an absorbent glass mat battery uses liquid battery acid to charge lead plates. Unlike a conventional battery, an AGM battery has glass-fiber layers in between the lead plates. By absorbing electrolytes, these layers cause the battery to discharge at a slower rate. This means longer battery life and a more consistent energy output. You might have to fill the battery with acid at first, but this type requires less maintenance than a conventional battery.

What’s the Difference Between Power Sport Batteries and Auto Batteries

In some respects, ATV batteries and auto batteries are similar. Both of them have a capability of approximately 12 volts. However, they are not interchangeable. An ATV typically has a smaller engine than a car or truck. Therefore, a car battery typical offers more cold cranking amps than an ATV battery.

Conventional car batteries and ATV batteries are similar in their basic structure. However, a conventional ATV battery requires much more maintenance than a car or truck battery.

When determining what type of battery to buy for your ATV, you should look to the manual as your primary source for guidance. Retailers of auto parts are also good sources of answers to problems such as which battery to buy for your ATV or how to tell if car battery is dead.

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