Workplace Appreciation: 4 Ways to Appreciate Your Employees as the Boss

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Around the world, companies are having a tough time hiring new employees because of the ongoing pandemic. As an employer, have you ever thought about the employees that are showing up at work, and working hard? These employees might need a little appreciation for all of their hard work. A great way of showing your appreciation is through buying them gifts. Gifts can be different, there are plenty of websites that offer unique items at great prices. Some of these items may even be common household products.

1. Gifts Are Always A Great Idea

Keeping your employees hydrated is important, especially when some companies may be so busy an employee might even miss their break. Gifts like these go a long way. With some of these water bottles, an employee will be able to put their favorite drink inside and stay hydrated. From water to soda, or even tea.

2. Personalized Gifts 

If you know someone’s likes, whether it’s cooking outdoors or traveling, using information can be a great tool to insure yourself that getting the right gift will make your employee feel appreciated. Simply talking to them when the time is available of course, and getting to know them a bit more, will make them feel more appreciated. Some bosses don’t communicate well, some don’t communicate at all. However, as a boss, if you know you want to make your employee feel special: personalize the gift. If an employee receives a gift that is personalized, along with a sincere message this could make your employee’s day. 

3. Thank You Cards

Everyone is different and that’s okay because we’re all meant to be different. Not knowing one’s likes isn’t the end of the world. It takes time and communication for a person to learn another’s likes or dislikes. But as a boss, if you have hundreds of employees and simply don’t have the time there is one go-to option: gift cards. Gift cards are a great way to send an employee a message, letting them know you care. If you’re finding yourself saving money, most employees would feel appreciated if a boss sent them: thank you cards too. 

Cards are inexpensive, it takes less than a minute to type out a message (or write one) and send it to your employee. Thanking an employee for all of their hard work can go a long way and actually contribute to their workplace wellbeing. It may even motivate them more, knowing that their boss took the time to write them a note.

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4. Consider the Little Things

This may seem a bit odd at first, but common house old items like pens are a great gift idea. People tend to lose pens, for some unknown reason and if their boss gives them a brand new one, they’ll be inclined to keep hold of it for a while. Pens have everyday uses and will come in handy at work. If you know your employee’s favorite color, getting a pen or even a handful of pens would be great. Like thank you cards, pens can be customized beyond an employee’s favorite color. Customization pens are fun, especially more so since your employee will appreciate the time you took to customize their new pen.

Don’t Make It Weird 

Making sure your employee is appreciated matters. There are some people, however who may see a gift as an opportunity. It goes without saying that a boss-employee relationship should strictly stay that. When personalizing gifts, please do not as a boss, try to use this sincere moment to hit on your employee. They will not find it welcoming or feel appreciated. You may even find yourself in a position with HR. 

Appreciating your employee can be good, but be careful of how you as a boss express that. 

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