Xbox 720 For Renewed Entertaining Spirit

Xbox 720

Xbox – the wonder game console launched by Microsoft has attracted large sections of fans from all over the world. It has challenged Sony by including fun-filled and attractive features.

There are rumors about Xbox 720 release date, which is going to be launched soon. Xbox 720 is going to offer everything that you would like to enjoy through a professional gaming console. Let us go through the details.

Xbox 720 Hardware segment

Rumors are wide spread about Xbox hardware after the Durango leak wherin a customer has made an attempt to sell the Xbox developer kit through eBay. The unsuccessful has lead to the spread of information about the new Xbox 720.

The new X-720 console will be configured on 64 bit architecture. It is likely to come with octa-core processor. The unit will come with a dedicated processor that will process audio signals.

Thus, the CPU will be optimized to perform a better graphics play. The inbuilt Graphics processor will ensure that Direct 3D 11 is supported. Switchable power states will ensure that power will be utilized at optimum levels.

Competitive Edge

In order to gain a competitive edge in the next generation entertainment consoles, Microsoft might pull the gear with a dedicated hard drive. It is assumed that Microsoft will do away with disk based games.

This might be done to achieve optimum processing power. The gamers will enjoy the thrill through high speed games to the maximum potential extent.

All the games that can be played on Xbox – 720 can be accessed through cloud or through downloads. There might be support for Blu-ray even though you might not play those discs.

It might be difficult for some guys that Xbox – 720 should be hooked to the internet on a continuous basis. The console software development kit gives clue to the fact that the console should be hooked to the internet all the time.

It is hard to realize this part as there are various kinds of speeds that are used by internet used all over the world. Microsoft should do enough homework before gearing up for the mandatory 24×7 web access to its console.

xbox – 720:Release date and games

While rumors are wide spread about the launch date of Xbox-720, it is anticipated that April will be the most probable month for Microsoft. There are great bets that the event will happen on either April 23rd or April 26th.

If it is not realized in April, you might want to wait till June, 2014. Microsoft should hurry up so that Sony will not surprise the entire gaming industry with new version of play station.

It is expected that Bungie’s Destiny might be loaded with the new Xbox -720 that is going to be released in the coming days. Bungie’s Destiny website has listed the information about its inclusion with Xbox – 720.

Some other games that are going to be loaded include Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. Watch Dog has great graphics which has ample chance for inclusion on Xbox – 720.

Link xbox 720 with Kinect

Xbox has gone through enough rumors much in the lines of Kinect 2. Microsoft made a huge fortune with the Kinect 2 because of the widespread rumors.

Xbox 720 might fall in the same line and it is likely to attract great attention which might convert into sales as well. It is expected that Kinect sensor can track 6 people at a time.

It is likely to come with a sensitive version. The specifications are 70” x 60” field of view, 4 meter depth, 1920 x 1080 @30 fps and USB 3.0. As per rumors, Kinect 2 might be included in Xbox – 720.

There might be the need to switch on the Kinect without which the console might not work. Hence, all eyes are on Microsoft eagerly waiting for the launch of new Xbox – 720 for ardent game lovers.

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  1. Hi Jane,
    I love Playing Xbox Games.Especially i Stick to my Xbox when i will get holidays !!
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  2. Hello Jane,I also love to play Xbox games and always prefer whenever I gets time from my schedule it will a nice experience.

  3. Xbox 720 will compete with Sony with new PlayStation 4, which one is the best? That remains to be seen and I hope I can get myself these two gaming consoles.


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