YouTube Music Key: The upcoming premium music service by Google

YouTube Music Key: The upcoming premium music service by Google
Source: Androidpolice

Google already told earlier this year that they are working on a premium music service. YouTube Music Key is seemingly that premium music service.

YouTube Music Key is set to launch quite soon and it also seems that the Google Play Music All Access service will be rebranded as Google Play Music Key.

The new premium service will feature ad free music, audio playback and audio only mode, background listening and much more as reported by Android Police. Even though YouTube is currently widely being used for listening to music, it is not just as easy to listen to music only as you do with other music services like Spotify and Beats Music, for instance. You still have the video running in the background which diminishes the attractiveness of YouTube as a music service.

Now with the YouTube Music Key and its “key” features you will be able to enjoy music in the background as well as ad-free and audio-only modes. This means playing music on your smartphone will be smooth and pleasant just as you would do with other music playing apps. However on top of this, YMK will reportedly offer a good mix of music that you can’t necessarily get on other services – think about live performances, remixes, official music trailers and much more. The service will also suggest you what to listen next based on your listening history.

YouTube Music Key’s music service will reportedly cost $9.99 per month for the ad-free music and other premium features to work – the price is quite comparable with that of the other music services.

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    Very interesting Jane. I think premium music is good but not many would actually want to purchase it (considering Asians).

    Can’t wait to see how it goes around then!

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    Really Great Jane, thanks for sharing!

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