YouTube Usage Statistics in 2021 [Infographic]

YouTube has gained a tremendous amount of popularity in the year 2020. This was mainly driven by global pandemic driving people to stay home which in turn increased their mobile view time on YouTube. However, if you want to know, just how much is the magnitude of YouTube usage in 2021 then the infographic presented below will be able to answer some of these YouTube Usage Statistics.

YouTube was launched in 2005 and acquired later by Google. It features a wide range of user-generated content as well as professionally made web series, music videos and gaming live streams. YouTube is now a leading online video platform, far bigger than its competitors and alternatives.

The infographic below by WebdesignerDepot, tries to answer some of the questions about YouTube such as how many users it has, what is the average time spent by each user, how much revenue does YouTube generate and many more. These statistics are as of 2021.

youtube usage stats

YouTube Usage Statistics

Here are some interesting YouTube Usage Statistics from this infographic,

  • YouTube now as over 2 billion users worldwide
  • YouTube generates a revenue of $5.5 billion for google.
  • 70% of total views on YouTube is done from mobile devices.
  • There are 31 million YouTube channels as of now (2021).
  • YouTube is 2nd most visited website in the world.
  • YouTube gets over 1 billion daily views from mobile.
  • YouTube also has over 3 million paid subscribers.

What are some other YouTube stats that you want to know? Does the stats above surprise you? Let us know in comments below. Also let us know if you are a YouTube content creator and have a technology channel by putting it in comments.

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