Amazon unveils Fire Phone with 3D display and Firefly

Amazon unveils Fire Phone with 3D display and Firefly

Amazon launched Fire phone, a 4.7 inch 3D display phone with cool features and a sleek design. The outside of the phone has a rubber bumper and the phone has a Gorilla Glass 3 casing. The 3D display of the phone is based on the “dynamic perspective” offered by the four cameras that are present at the four corners of the phone.

As you change the position of the phone, the cameras get the perspective of the current position and it changes with your movement. As a result the user interface and the objects on the screen move accordingly providing a 3D effect. You can scroll through the apps by tilting the phone. Amazon is using a unique hardware that makes the 3D effect really cool.

The Fire phone runs on Android UI has a 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor and a 2GB RAM. It has a 13MP camera with optical stabilization feature. The buttons on the outside of the phone are made of aluminium and one of these buttons is a dedicated camera shutter control button.

Firefly is one of the apps that comes with the phone and it can scan objects in real life for you to make purchase from Amazon. You can scan text on a paper, items in your house, listen to a song and watch a particular scene from a movie using your phone camera. You can do this by launching the app or by simply firing up the phone camera. All your scans are saved and you can order items from Amazon based on your scans.

The phone also has Amazon’s Mayday Service and when your phone has a problem you can get help no matter where you are. The phone comes with Amazon’s services that will sell it! For one you get unlimited photo storage in Amazon cloud. You also get access to Prime music and ASAP – Amazon’s video catching service (works well on Fire TV).

Overall the phone looks very promising and if you are already a user of the Kindle device, you should find this phone go well with your day to day usage. The features and the services that come with this phone are cool too. We have to wait and see as to how the phone stands its competition with the giants like Apple, Samsung and the others – as far as mobile phones are considered!

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