Keeping Yourself and Your Android Safer

Keeping Yourself and Your Android Safer

It is unbelievable the extent to which data thieves, hackers and people of the sort have manipulated Android based apps and services in order to gain illegal entry to Android devices and take what they want. Android is indeed a very flexible operating system for your smart phone, though it also a very easy to use and flexible one for those trying to do you harm.

However even though there maybe be many problems associated with the device, there is always a way to work around it and make sure that you are safe; if there wasn’t one Android would have been finished by now. Today there is software out there which will destroy and corrupt data on your device for no good reason.

It will steal your information and provide it to someone else who is willing to pay much money to have this sort of data, more so it puts you at risk. Though by being a little smart about how you use and manage your phone, you can make sure your data and safety remain intact on your Android.

One of the biggest problems with smart phones these days, and other things as well generally, are trends, peer pressure and the follow-the-crowd style of life. It is very common for one person to have an app installed on their phone because a friend of theirs had recommended it, or they had used it on a friend’s device and thought it was good and now has a version for them.

This is something that hackers rely on, people getting and downloading apps without proper knowledge about the app itself, and largely only concerned with the looks and features of the app rarely do people bother to have a look at what the app is actually doing. Before installing an app directly on to your phone, consider spending a few minutes online reading about it, go through some reviews and see what others, who have used the app, have to say about it.

More so there are many sites today which give reviews about phones and applications, and by having a read through of how the app has worked out for others you can make a more informed decision about whether this app is one worth having. You may come across news that the developer of the app is unreliable and has published application in the past which have caused troubles for others, maybe you could tell that friend of yours to delete the app after reading about it and possibly save his or her data and safety too.

Other than just the app keep your eyes peeled for app updates and permissions that the app asks for. Make sure the source that you are getting your update from is a trusted one, look into the permissions the app asks for rather than agreeing blindly in the hurry to get the app up and running.

If you are running a rooted device, be wary of superuser permissions which apps can request of you. Having a rooted device may offer a greater array of apps and functionality; it also brings an equally large array of attackers.

The more visible things one should do, and should already have in place, are things such as Anti-malware applications. There is little reason to not have AVG Mobilation Antivirus running on your phone or Avast Mobile security for that matter as these are two very good and completely free services for your smart phone.

There are paid versions of these two mentioned apps, as well as others, which are both free and paid, though with such a large variety why not choose one and help make yourself safer.

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3 thoughts on “Keeping Yourself and Your Android Safer”

  1. Mobile security is widely discussed topic. As more and more operations are performed using small handheld devices, security measures should be enhanced.

    Before installing a mobile application, you should understand its necessity. You should also know how to restrict its access. Protection through security software is must.

  2. The Malware threat has spared no mobile OS and yes iPhone too was warned by Kaspersky, about a potential Trojan that would have stripped off the users with their sensitive data. The malware named ‘Find and call’ was struck to iOS and as well as Android too. Thus, to keep these malware at bay make sure you download apps from the official app stores and not from the third party app store.


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