Apple iPhone 4S MAIL Offering an Intelligent Mailing Experience

Apple iPhone 4S MAIL Offering an Intelligent Mailing Experience

Your long wait has finally come to an end! The charisma has finally landed in the form of the modern iPhone from Apple. Much anticipated mobile PC is now at your hands.

You will surely have an unrealistic computing experience with Apple iPhone 4S. This is the most astounding iPhone you have in this present genre! Many new features are added to this Apple iPhone to boost your experience.

The technical advancement and innovation in mobile technology has created a new platform for email services through your iPhone. You must be writing, sending, forwarding and printing numerous mails every day.

iPhone 4S now offers novel ways of doing all these emailing.

Receive Mails While Traveling

You wish to receive your mails across the globe and so, you are always on a move with your iPhone, just like any other mobile device. The uniqueness of the mailing feature of this iPhone is that you are not required to discontinue your vital task to keep a track of the email messages.

Siri will type and send the message for you! This new iPhone has the compatibility to work with Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, Yahoo! Mail, POP mailing system and IMAP. Microsoft Exchange Active Sync account is also supported by this iPhone to suffice your business needs.

A New Way to View Your Emails

Retina display of this iPhone provides you a completely changed way to view your mails. The high resolution display makes the text vivid and crisp.

You are free to zoom as much as you need. 326 pixels render text in any size and that too without any distortions. No blurred texts when viewed by zooming!

Multiple Accounts but One Inbox

Do you possess a number of email accounts? If yes, then get this iPhone 4S right away! It provides you multitude ways of seeing the email messages. You can separately check every inbox and also switch in between them.

If you wish to read the new messages faster, have one-time view of all the accounts in your unified inbox.

Following the Thread

With iPhone 4S, you gain the privilege of organizing your email messages in the form of chain of email conversations, that is, organizing the mails by thread. The Mail feature identifies all your email messages in the same thread and categorizes them under the section of latest messages.

Mail functionality does not end here. It also sorts your mails by date and finally list out the number of messages in a single thread. Hence, now it very easy for you to keep a track of your entire conversation!

Mail – The New iCloud Way

The iCloud feature of this iPhone provides you a free email account,, which works wonder with the Mail functionality of this new iPhone 4S. Ad-free and Spam protection are additional benefits with this new feature.

Once you have set your account the way you desire, rest assured that your folders will always be updated.

All new set of features are blend together in this stunning Apple iPhone 4S.

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2 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 4S MAIL Offering an Intelligent Mailing Experience”

  1. Hi Jane, I have an iPhone 4S and the unified inbox is my favorite feature of mail. In fact, when I’m sitting at my computer I usually grab my phone to check my inboxes because I can see both at once. This gives the iPhone a huge advantage over Android in my book!

  2. I have Iphone 4 , but yes,4s have several added advantages. Apple’s product are the best ones and you can rely upon them completely. Thanks for the info.


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