12 Best Apps For Teaching History

Technology has revolutionized the education system and has broken the monotony of classroom learning. The introduction of interactive learning methods has introduced better ways of teaching and reading.  Currently, high school students have access to educational apps which allows them to utilize learning materials from their smartphones.

In this article, we will be looking at the best history apps that most teachers use to teach American history as well as everything related to the world’s history.

1. American Revolution Interactive Timeline

This is the best U.S. history app developed by an educational institution that is looking to build The Museum of the American Revolution.  With this site, you will access information of history events and rare information such as the American Revolutionary War that can only be found in the new museum.  Although the app is only available for iOS devices, the app features important events presented through video and beautiful imagery. You will also have access to video podcasts providing an overview of interesting facts about the main milestones of the American Revolution.


2. Today in History

This is not just like app titled today; with this app, school students can get to learn world history but is also a great way to explore United States history.  Better yet, this site is mostly used for locating specific moments in the past for the selected day.  These events are not only structured by years but also by dates. Thus, you get to know specific historical events that occurred on the same day, but in different years. For example, you can use the app to find which famous person in history was born today.


3. World History Quick e-Book

This is among the best apps for teachers who are looking to share social studies learning materials. Most students that are learning history use this site when preparing for examinations. It can also come in handy if you are looking for a good app that will help you refresh your knowledge. The app has a great user-interface, and content is well organized for easier access.  It is available to android users for free.


4. History in Pictures

This is another incredible modern app that guides you through US history and the world in general through images.  The main feature of this site is the fact that it outlines the learning material in pictures which is quite captivating. Here you will find a huge collection of pictures and photos of historical events, prominent individuals, wars such as world war ii.  Being one of the best apps, you can expect to have a great interface, and the pictures are constantly updated. You even get to view pictures uploaded in the last 24 hours. The app is free and available for android users.


5. History Timelines

This is another incredible site for learning the vast timeline of human history. The app covers major historical events, eras, and period. Although it does not offer in-depth information on major American events, its library seems to feature most of the recorded history.  It also gives you an opportunity to add, edit, and even customize the events you want to explore.                                              

6. History Vault

This is another similar app titled for students where you can stream old history documentaries. Here, you can access tons of US history, world history, and science history, among others. The site has a free trial after which it will cost you $4.99 per month to access the information.


7. Pyramid 3D

For history students interested in the ancient Egypt archaeology, these apps provide interactive insight into the complex architecture that took many years to complete.  You get to explore every corridor of the magnificent structures from your smartphone, and the app also features textual descriptions.


8. Learn World History

This is another great android application suitable for both students and teachers. It is mostly used by tutors to create lesson plans and quizzes. Learners also use this site to explore historical events and U.S national archives.  There are various learning material options that you can access on this app among them being two quiz games. The games include ‘Which Came First’, and ‘When Did It Happen’.  Better yet, you are given the option to set the time period that you wish to explore. You also get to choose the theme. For example, you can select between warfare and politics, or culture and arts.


9. Explore Through History

If you are looking for a site you can use for your U.S. history lesson plans, this is the best android application.  It provides interactive maps in terms of time portal where you begin to travel both in space and in time.  To start, you will be required to open the door and run. However, you can only open the door by correctly solving several mini-puzzles.


10. World War History

Most American revolution essays are centred around major events such as the World War I and II. To better understand these U.S history events, you can use the website to study key milestones of the world’s past.  The information is presented in two formats; time-scale and in the forms of socio-political maps of the world.


11. LineTime: Presidents Edition

If you are looking for information for your lesson plans about presidents, then this is among the best iPad apps. You get to learn fun facts about various presidents and their presidency. Just tap on the name and get to know the major roles that each president played during his terms and what he is remembered for.


12. Great Depression Lesson

This iPad app provides an outline of the United States great depression.  It features interactive stories, videos, and pictures that explain what happened during this period.


Why Are History Education Apps Important?

These apps come in handy since they highlight major past events in a more interactive and fun way. Some of the event includes the wars, presidency, revolutions, and modern politics, among others. This data is presented in the form of games, videos, and pictures which is a great way to remember.  They are compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and some are also free. These are among the top-most recommendable teaching app and be sure to check them out.

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