20 Best free fitness apps for Android devices

20 Best free fitness apps for Android devices

The android operating system is the most user-friendly and popular mobile OS around. However, what makes this OS so popular is the plethora of applications which it makes available to the user.

Among the various categories of apps that are available in the Android app market the fitness apps are some of the best you can get on any market. Now, we will introduce to you twenty of the very best fitness apps that you can get on the app market to stay healthy and fit.

Nike Training Club

This free app has 100 workout routines that target all parts of the body and also provides options in the time required by providing you with 15, 30 and 45 minute workouts. Not only that the app also provides step-wise audio-visual assistance to the user from some of the most inspirational athletes and trainers.

Runtastic Six-Pack Abs

This free app has a good mixture of ab exercises such as the 7-Minute Workout, Six-Pack Junkie, Shape Up and Insanity along with a 10-week Six- Pack Plan which gives your abs a complete workout.


This free app helps it’s users stay motivated all the time and at the same time checks their progress via a large community of fitness experts who advice and help the users to keep healthy and stay fit.

The Walk

This $2.99 app will help make your everyday stroll a lot more adventurous through its various games while at the same time tracking the number of steps that you have taken along with the time that you have walked.

Map My Fitness

This free GPS-assisted app tracks all of your fitness activities wherever you may be doing them. The app calculates stuff such as duration, speed, distance, elevation, calories burned, pace and a lot more to provide you with every detail of your workout.

SworkIt Pro

This $0.99 app will help you to focus on specific areas of your body that you want to work on along with the time that you want to spend working on them to create a workout routine that is tailor made for you to gain maximum results

Boston Marathon World Run

This free app lets users  enter the 2014 Boston marathon community virtually, where the user can run, walk or even wheel  over as much distance for as much time as they wish to.


This app tracks the route that the user takes while running and at the same time provides you information regarding the amount of distance covered, speed and helps you to maintain your tempo, achieve your desired pace and sustain it.

Nike+ Running

This free app helps the user get expert advice and keep him/her motivated. Apart from that the app also helps the user to keep track of and share the calories burned, distance covered, speed and much more.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

This innovative app has a host of exciting features such as ghost racing yourself, being motivated by a virtual coach as well as your friends and at the same time keeps you informed about your pace, distance run and a lot more

Strava Cycling

This free app lets you convert your regular cycling sessions into a much more exciting affair by letting you challenge other friends, support your friends and make and break records.


Whenever you move from one place to another by walking, running or cycling this free app will track it. This app uses your phone to track your daily movement.

Like a pedometer this fitness app calculates the steps you have taken or the distance you have cycled to calculate the calories that you have burnt all at once to provide you with a comprehensive report of your workout.

Workout Trainer

This app is your own free personal trainer which provides you with individual as well as tailor-made workout routines. What’s more, this app also lets the user make his/her own exercise routine and also motives you all along.


This free app helps you to manage your weight and keep track of the calories that you intake daily. Apart, from this you can also create your customized plan to suit your lifestyle and yet reach the target amount of calories that you want to lose.

Noom Weight Loss Coach

This free app helps you to cultivate healthy habits through a variety of activities such as personalized coaching, exercise tracking, day by day tasks and also has an inbuilt pedometer which keeps track of the number of steps that you have taken.

Runtastic Pro

This fully featured $4.99 running app from Runtastic-a company which is famous for its running apps-helps you keep track of all your running stats such as the speed, the distance run, the amount of calories that you have burnt and a whole host of other metrics.


This free app tracks your calorie intake with a huge database that has complete information on approximately three million foods, along with around 350 strength and cardio training details. You can also calculate the nutritional value of the recipe that you are making to have a balanced diet.


This app lets you track the route along which you are travelling along with the distance covered, speed and much more. It also lets you compete with others and unlock various achievements to make your ride much more exciting.

Zombies, Run!

This app transforms your everyday walk or run into a hugely adventurous one. It has a variety of missions where you will be chased by zombies and you will have to run for dear life, literally. You can also record you scores and share the same on Facebook, Twitter and many such social platforms


This app is a professional fitness tracker which lets you customize your own routines and also provides instructions and tips to make sure that you are doing your workouts in the proper way. You can also keep track of your overall progress using this app.

So, if you want to be fitter and healthier get exercising with these apps in your Android device and stay active, fit and energized. 

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    Nice list. I was not aware that there was so many fitness apps out there. I am using Endomondo myself to keep track on my running statistics. I love to share my route on Facebook, making my friends feeling bad about them self not been out running 😀


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