Top 15 Fitness Apps for Your IPhone

Top 15 Fitness Apps for Your IPhone

If you want to be leaner, eat healthier food, concentrate and focus better, work out more efficiently, run smarter and improve your health and happen to have an iPhone then there are a lot of fitness apps that are going to help you achieve your goals. Here are 15 of the best.

7-Minute Workout Challenge

This $0.99 app has been made for those who have very limited amount of time to work out each day-7 minutes to be exact. Guidelines are provided by both male and female trainers for Beginner, intermediate and advanced skill levels. This app contains high intensity workouts with little room for rest, which are described with the help of texts, audios, videos and pictures.

For this app to be effective the user needs to push him/her through each workout which combines many of the 200 different types of unique exercises available on the app and complete each workout on time. The app also comes preloaded with a weight tracker and an activity calendar.


Whenever you move from one place to another by walking, running or cycling this free iPhone app will track it. This app uses the iPhone 5s’s M7 motion co-processor to track your daily movement.

Like a pedometer this fitness app calculates the steps you have taken and the distance you have cycled to calculate the calories that you have burnt. Just carry it with you and it will do the rest.

Zombies, Run!

This app uses zombies to keep you fit and healthy, a game which makes you run for your life to get away from them. Put on the headphones, start the game and start running.

This running app by Naomi Alderman is an audio adventure in which you dodge zombies and can also record your scores. After completing each run you can also share it on the social media platforms of Facebook and Twitter.

Yoga studio

This app helps everybody to practice yoga from its 280 yoga poses. Moreover, it has more than 16-hours of 30 readymade tutorial classes and that too in high definition. Also it has an option to customize the tutorials and offers advice to do the poses accurately so that almost anybody can do them correctly.

Pocket Yoga

This app by Rainfrog, LLC helps the user to practice yoga anytime and anywhere. The app costs $2.99 and helps the user by giving audio and video instructions on its 200 poses.


This app uses Bluetooth connectivity to count and evaluate everything the number of steps taken, calories consumed and burnt, weight, heart rate level, and level of glucose etc.This app helps you to keep account of all the important health details instantly.

Touchfit: GSP

This app helps you by guiding you through your daily workouts and is a great gym partner. It is very effective and has many inbuilt and user-friendly practice routines for every single body part to reduce fat, improve endurance and build up muscles.

Runtastic pro

This fully featured running app from Runtastic-a company which is famous for its running apps-helps you keep track of all your running stats. The distance you have run, the speed at which you have run, the elevation, calories burnt etc. can all be recorded using this app.


This app not only helps you keep fit but its various training tools like music sync and virtual coaching helps to get the motivation and the support necessary to finish its training regime to finish the 5k journey. This app has a good schedule of workout for thirty minutes a day which has to be done for three days a week for around nine weeks.

Obstacles XRT – Extreme Reality Training

This app by Barracuda Partners, LLC is an interesting and exciting way to keep fit. It does not use any traditional fitness exercises like pushups or crunches but instead makes you edge under fences, jump over tires and many other exploratory workouts while at home without the use of any special equipment. Instead the app uses plyometrics and HIIT training for an intense workout.


Those people who are looking to lose weight and fast will find this app very useful. It also monitors your daily diet and helps you body get the nutrients it needs.

It also calculates the calories you intake in each meal and helps you to reach your targeted calorie intake using its various tools. Also, feedback and messages are sent to you so that you can choose your diet wisely the next time.


The app describes itself as “the smartest, fastest and most prescriptively accurate personal training system on the app store.”  And to a great extent it fits the description quite aptly.

It has 3D animations and helps you through each workout like a personal trainer does. It also makes workout regimes to fit the user and looks through each detail of the user to make a suitable workout session for the user.


The app bills itself as “Lift is like having a coach in your phone giving you daily motivation, coaching, and prompting,” and this is exactly what the app does.

This free app is of great help to beginners as it is to the pros. This app helps you to get your fitness and keeps you fit while recording all the progress along the way.

Virtual Runner

If you want you take your running experience to a completely different level then this is the app for you. This app takes the user to some of the most iconic and famous race courses of the world while you are running on your treadmill. The only thing you have to do is download the required videos get on to the treadmill and start playing and running


This $0.99 app will help you meet your daily water consumption needs by reminding you every time that you need to drink a glass of water.

So, if you have the will to stay fit then the above mentioned apps will guide and help you to do just that.

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