iOS users can now buy with 2 clicks via Google Wallet’s Instant Buy

iOS users can now buy with 2 clicks via Google Wallet's Instant Buy

Google Wallet gives Instant Buy API to iOS app developers. As a result iOS users can now make purchases with 2 clicks without having to go through the pain of manually entering credit card number and other details.

The Instant Buy API was launchedĀ for Android apps about a year ago. The Instant Buy API enables app developers to integrate Google Wallet’s instant checkout payment mode so users can shop and pay for their purchases with just 2 clicks.

Via this APIĀ the payment data from the users is accessed and stored in the cloud. Information such as shipping address, and credit card information are stored in Google’s servers. Once the user confirms the purchase, Google passes this information to the merchant so they can process payment via their own method/payment processor.

If you are signed in via Google+ you can seamlessly shop using the Instant Buy feature.

97% of buyers run away from the point where they add an item to the cart – this is because they have to manually add the shipping address and other personal details, plus they have to manually type in the credit card number. All this makes mobile shopping a tedious process – which is why most users run away.

With Instant Buy, merchants can surely expect an increase in the percent of buyers who actually complete the transaction coz now it will take only a couple of clicks and there is no typing in long addresses and numbers.

Google Wallet however doesn’t make it straightforward for the iOS app developers and merchants and doesn’t giveaway the Instant Buy API just like that. The app developers have to sign up and wait to get listed before they can integrate Instant Buy feature in their apps.

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