7 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Where in the past, companies would run applications and programs from software downloaded on their physical computer or server, cloud computing has allowed businesses to access the same information via the internet.

Cloud computing is simply computing based on the internet.

Steadily growing in popularity, especially amongst Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), with experts continuing to predict more and more small businesses will invest in the cloud.

Here are 7 reasons for your business to consider moving to cloud computing:


Should your business ever require more bandwidth, a cloud service can meet your demands instantly.  They have a large capacity across many remote servers to allow them this advantage.


More than a million laptops are lost or stolen each year.  This affects a company’s balance, significantly if you’re a small business.  The potential of losing vital documents and information are wiped out on the cloud as the data can still be accessed from other machines, regardless of what happens to that disappearing laptop.

Automatic Updates

Cloud computing suppliers do server maintenance and security updates at their end which frees up your staffs time and resources to get on with their work instead of manually doing them themselves.

Disaster Recovery

No longer do you need a complex disaster recovery plan when you can rely on a cloud-based service.  Your providers will take care of most of these issues, and they’ll be able to handle them quicker than traditional methods.

Work from anywhere

Your employees can work from anywhere, provided they have internet access.  This flexibility can have vastly positive effects on your workers’ work-life balance, and as a result, their productivity.

Document control

Without access to cloud solutions, workers are required to send files back and forth via email, meaning that only one person can work on the up-to-date file at any one time.  This results in various copies of the file, slowed down progress on the work, and increased mailbox use.

The advantage of cloud is that all files are kept in one central location that allows everyone to work from one central copy at the same time.  Staff can ever talk to each other whilst making changes to documents simultaneously.


Wherever your employees are based, they have the ability to sync up and work on shared documents simultaneously on the cloud.  Also handy if you have staff on the ground or working from home is that you can get in contact with them at no additional cost if they have WiFi access.

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