5 Ways VoIP Calls Can Boost Your Profits

VoIP calls can boost business profits

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an established way of money saving for a number of businesses to communicate.

The internet phone or broadband phone as it also known as, has increased in popularity over recent years and is now genuinely seen as a cost-cutting alternative to making phone calls over a traditional landline.

Here are five ways VoIP will cut your costs allowing you to boost your business profits in the process:

1.  Cheaper talk on the move

Travel costs can make a decent-sized proportion of business expenses, especially for small businesses.  The advantage of being set up with VoIP allows you to keep connected to your team and clients without adding further expense.

On your travels you can stay connected via a smartphone app or your laptop with a WiFi connection.

2. Cheaper expansion

To keep up-to-date with the frequent changes in the technology world can sometimes be an expensive business.  With a landline this would mean an engineer visiting your office for installations, upgrades and repairs.  On the other hands, VoIP keeps you on top of the upgrades with little investment at your end.

When your business expands and you bring on new employees, you can add new phone numbers from your desk at no additional charge – it’s all in the cloud!

3. Cheaper long-distance and international calls

If you have clients abroad, as is becoming more and more coming in today’s business world, reaching out across the globe can be an expensive business on a landline phone.  The high cost-per-minute of this traditional method can eat in to the profits and potential growth of your small business.

Not with VoIP however!  The small business phone system offers a low-cost replacement with no limits on your international calls.  You have almost-unlimited capacity with long-distance calls without facing a hefty bill when you hang up.

4. Reduce meeting costs

With many VoIP providers you can get the facilities to host video meetings and conference calls.  This saves time and money on physical meetings in terms of travel time and expenses, as well as any potential accommodation, and service station food of course!

VoIP gives you the luxury of every participant in the meeting to attend from their own office… or home.

5. Phone support

Any issues you have with VoIP can be dealt with over the phone by your providers who will be able to fix it at their end.  A major benefit of the system being hosted in the cloud means you won’t require an engineer to visit your or long downtime waiting for them to arrive.

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