5 Ways to control your computer with your phone

5 Ways to control your computer with your phone

Just as we call it the “evolution of technology” things seem to be going in the right direction steadily, making sure that users are benefited from it. Gone are the days where you controlled your mobile with your PC or Laptop. This is the era of smart phones. And even smarter apps.

These smart phones allow you to do just about anything that reduces your work load and increases productivity. Now you can connect and control your laptop or PC with a smart app on your smart phone.

Most of these apps require a common server connection between the phone and the laptop. There are apps for this purpose on all the major software platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry and the windows phone. Here is a look at a few apps that are designed solely for the user’s benefit.

For iOS Lovers

For one of the most high quality smart phones designed ever, there are certain apps that help the user to connect to his or her pc and laptop. The sole idea and purpose behind making this possible is that it becomes easier for the user to use both the devices comfortably.

iOS has three popular apps that cater to this service. The Hippo Remote Pro is one of the most popular apps that enable the user to turn his iPhone or iPad into a track pad, a remote control and a wi-fi keypad.

This app works with Mac, windows and Linux. It can be used to wake up devices over LAN and the app is available in two versions. The pro version provides more features compared to the lite version.

TeamViewer is yet another great app that ensures security while connecting to your Mac or windows. A small client should be installed on the PC or Laptop for the app to function.

Once connected, this app will grant you full access to the PC with many on screen tools. You can even re boot your computer from a distance and increase your screen resolution with this app.

The third successful app is LogMeIn which also requires a client to be installed on the PC or laptop. This app will help you to control your Mac from anywhere with just a 3G connection. The other features include HD video as well as audio streaming and OCAL file saving.

For Android Addicts

The apps available for android include Unified Remote and remote control collection. Both these apps help in controlling the PC. The smart phone acts as a remote here.

The Unified Remote app is the simplest app to use and control. This app allows the user to simply convert his smart phone in to a sleek finished remote control. The user can control the keyboard and mouse easily on a PC. This app is expected for release shortly based for iOS.

The app allows the user to control his favourite programs and it works well on widgets too. The ability to set up custom remotes comes with downloading the full app. The free version promotes basic programs like windows media player, you tube, VLC media player etc.

The full version gives access to chrome, fire fox, power point, iTunes etc. The app and the server client for the PC have to be downloaded together. One can easily switch between remotes using gestures.

The remote control collection is basically a compilation of various remotes for key board, mouse and beyond that it includes scrolling, voice recognition etc. It helps you to control various media players like windows media player, VLC, iTunes etc. The scroll remote is especially useful for those who wish to go through sites that are long like facebook or Google etc.

For Windows Fans

Ever dreamt of controlling windows with your phone? It is now possible with something straight from the windows family itself. The new smart phone that runs on the windows plat form has sufficient apps that help the user to control his PC or laptop with a single swipe from his smart phone.

PC remote is possibly the best app to control your PC with your windows phone. With the help of this app, you can ensure a secure connection and control your mouse. This app provides support to the full key board itself and also enables the user to view the desktop screen on his or her windows phone.

You have the liberty to create custom remotes and also make your own fully controlled windows media centre with a touch of your windows phone. The pro version is even better as it makes sure that the user does not receive any ads and ensures auto connect by creating a tile at the start menu.

Connect Me is another app that can be downloaded for this purpose. This app does not need the installation of a client server in the desktop and can be used easily. However, PC remote seems to be a better option compared to Connect Me.

The reason why apps are restricted to windows is because the plat form is not so common and popular like the android or iOS or blackberry. But this plat form is great of businessmen and office goers who will make use of the various office solutions provided by Microsoft. The future of apps for windows is clearly beneficial.

For Blackberry Pickers

The only plat form that does not have many apps to run on is the blackberry. However, the same remote control app is available in the blackberry plat form too.

The app RDM+ provides a list of possibilities that you can do with your chic blackberry. However, the app comes at a whopping price of 39.99$ and hence is not really chosen by many.

Summing Up

In the end, it is evident that each of the rival platforms is coming up with more and more apps and features to tempt users to choose them in the future. However, one thing remains the same- they are all working very hard to make the lives of other individuals, a lot simpler.

With the use of these apps, one can make presentations easy and need not worry about controlling the device. The entire magic now lies in your hands, in your smart phone.

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