10 Best Productivity Apps for Android

10 Best Productivity Apps for Android

Android devices have been a boon to the new technology. Apart from voice communication, they have become like personal assistants. These well-designed, useful, and fast apps help you to create to-do lists, create notes, store your favorite files, share them when you need, check calendars, write with ease, finish work in time, etc.

Here is a list of the top 10 best productivity apps for Android.

1. Evernote: Note-Taking App

Evernote is one of the best note-taking productivity apps for Android. If you are a hardcore note-taking junkie, then download this cross-platform app to organize information from multiple notebooks, where you can save text notes, complex lists, also take photos, keep voice reminders, record audio, tag all of it, make it easily searchable, and also share them with others. Evernote keeps your data synced with its own service and is accessible on the web across different devices.

The updated Evernote app has customizable home-screen and image and PDF mark-up along with a two-factor authentication to keep your data more secure. This leviathan of productivity apps offers free service that allows you to upload 60MB worth of content monthly, but if you are seeking for more storage and certain functions like offline access, advanced searching, and increased transfer allotments, then you get a premium version of 16GB of space for a minimal rate.

2. Dropbox: Storage App

The best storage app for Android is Dropbox. You can store your files, documents, photos, email attachments, and many more in this cloud-storage boom. You can flip through the data, edit and share them, upload new content, access from anywhere, and download even if offline. There is nothing to worry now if you lose your data, as Dropbox will have it all stored safely.

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The updated Dropbox app allows you to pair a personal account with a corporate one, and access both the tabs separately from within the app. Dropbox gives you 2GB of free cloud storage.

3. Wunderlist: To-Do and Task List App

Wunderlist app, developed by 6 Wunderkinder, helps you stay organized and ensure you never forget your deadlines. You can attach important documents like spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs, photos, and videos, and share the to-do and task lists with anyone you want.

It syncs across all your devices and helps your things get done. You can manage and share any data on it from team projects to group dinner with your colleagues, friends, or family members.

Wunderlist is free to use. The paid version allows you to add comments and start a conversation on your to-do and task lists. You can also assign to-dos to your colleagues, friends, and others and keep a track on the activities through the upgraded version, which also allows you to simplify the complex projects by unlimited subtasks.

4. Pocket: Reading App

If you are a voracious reader, then Pocket is the best offline reading tool. It allows you to save the interesting articles or links that you would want to read later on.

It acts as a bookmark where you can select and save articles, pictures, videos, links, etc. that seem to be interesting to you for later viewing. It lets you save them directly from anywhere be it Twitter or Pulse, Zite, Flipboard, etc.

The updated version has a filtering content along with categories of your saved reads into trending, long reads, and quick reads.

5. OneNote: Note-Taking App

OneNote is a cloud-syncing note-taking and uploading app that allows you to capture the important notes that travel with you whether you are at home or in office or on-the-go. You can sync your notebooks seamlessly across any devices and share and collaborate with others at the same time where multiple users can work on them.

You can capture photos, audios, and other notes without opening the app and can format the content and can easily search them with a phrase or a keyword when needed.

The free version allows you to use for up to 500 notes, and the paid version leads you to unlimited use.

6. Google Drive: File-Sharing App

Google Drive is one of the best Google apps for Android. It acts as Google’s cloud-storage service that serves as a great productivity help due to its sync with the Google world.

You can share any files efficiently, collaborate them and let others work on shared files, and also view and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. Your stored notes, files, and images are universally synced and accessible from any device.

The best productivity aid is the built-in “scan” feature. You can simply capture an image or anything after which the drive will extract the text from that and make it easily searchable for the future. Google Drive comes with 15GB of free storage, while you also have the option of purchasing additional storage.

7. QuickOffice: Office Suite App

The best app to let you create and edit Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, along with viewing PDF files, is QuickOffice. You can save the documents locally, email them, and also share and upload them through Google Drive. You can access your files from any device.

If you have Google Drive, the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files will open automatically in that app with QuickOffice. It gives you up to 15GB of free storage.

8. Any.Do: To-Do App

Any.Do helps you create to-do lists, reminders, events, and other notes. It features easy task input, which you can either type or dictate as its speech recognition ability will type down what you say.

You can easily drag and drop the tasks in various categories, and share and sync them with your colleagues, friends, or family members. Its auto-timing aid increases the productivity of the app, and reminder-based notifications make you aware of the events. You can access it across any device.

9. Pomodoro: Time-Management App

You can make the most of your time with the help of Pomodoro. It works according to the Pomodoro method of time-management that includes 25-minute work sprint, followed by 5-minute breaks, with a 15-minute break after every 4 cycles.

This timeboxing tool will help you categorize your work into customized time-splits with your own choice of break-times, thus helping you get your work done without any procrastination.

10. SwiftKey: Writing App

Swiftkey learns your typing habits and vocabulary quirks and provides almost accurate predictive typing system with the additional advantage of swipe-typing option where you can slide your finger from one letter to the other without lifting.

These 10 best functionality-expanding productivity apps reduce the time taken to do multiple activities and help get your work done with ease. Many of them are free in service, but few of them which you have to purchase are totally worth. So you must not wait and download these apps for Android ASAP :).

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  1. I recently got an Android phone as well and the first app I downloaded was Dropbox. I am going to to check the others as well.


  2. I agree that dropbox is a great app and who can live without Evernote? This list will help people find great apps. Thanks for the share Jane.

  3. All good, I got few of these installed on 2 of my Android based devices. Definitely smart phones and tablets offer great capabilities with the right apps.

  4. What a coincidence Emmanuel! I too got an android recently, but I installed the WordPress app. And I would like to check the Pocket app from Jane’s list too……


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