Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs: What To Expect

Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs: What To Expect

Samsung has always been at the forefront of smartphone innovation ever since it launched Galaxy S3 a few years back. With the release of S4, it has already cemented its position as one of the best smartphone manufacturers in world today.

The technological giant’s only worthy competitor at this point is Apple with their range of iPhones, the latest being iPhone 5 (and yet to be released iPhone 6).

The expected features of Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung broke a lot of benchmarks with the Galaxy S4. It was light but had a ton of features underneath the hood. In all honesty, it was a revolutionary device. However, tech experts all over the world are wondering what the next big selling point for the S5 is going to be.

In all truth, Samsung needs to bring forth something even more extraordinary than S4 if it wishes to remain as the leader of technological innovation. At the same time, the S5 must be able to hold its own against the upcoming iPhone 6.


This is of course something every smartphone needs. A ton of features are useless in a smartphone if it does not have the processing power to back it up. When Apple introduced the iPhone 5S, the tech world was thrown into a tizzy because Apple had managed to put a 64-bit A7 processor inside it.

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The processor was unlike anything seen before and Samsung too seems intent on going that way. There is a chance that the Galaxy S5 will have 4GB RAM to utilize the 64 bit chip. Some rumors suggest that an Adreno 330 CPU with a Snapdragon 800 quad core might be used instead.

Whatever the choice, it is a fact that the S5’s processing capabilities should match or exceed the 2.3 GHz power of the Galaxy Note 3. At the time, ot should be noted that the iPhone 6 will pack a 64-bit chip, called A8.

Design and finish

Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs

Samsung greatly favors the polycarbonate finish in its smartphones. Therefore, a chance exists that the S5 will have the same finish but rumors persist that Samsung might ditch it and opt for an aluminum chassis.

If so, this will be the first time, we will see a metal finish in a Samsung smartphone. At present, Samsung loses a lot of points for its incredibly boring look.

Both HTC One and iPhone 5 sport a metal look and are considered to be better than Samsung’s phones. Undoubtedly, the iPhone 6 will also have the same look, and Samsung needs to up its game in respect to the design.

Camera and screen

It is a fact that Samsung has already more or less reached the limit of screen technology. The latest premium Samsung smartphone has a display so fine and sharp that human eyes cannot detect it.

However, there is a significant chance that Samsung is going to give something even better to the S5: 2K QHD display. On layman terms, that is a breathtaking resolution of 2560×1440 or four times normal full HD.

Samsung opted for a 13MP rear camera in the S4 but it still remains to be seen what the S5 will bring. Smartphones with better cameras are already in the market like Nokia’s 41MP camera in the Lumia 1020 but people rarely buy phones for their cameras.

Samsung might go for a 16MP camera in the S5 which is pretty good. The iPhone 6 is rumored to have either an 8MP or a 13MP camera.

Extra features and how it compare with iPhone 6?

The iPhone 5 was the first to showcase a fingerprint scanner in a smartphone in the world and it stands to reason that the iPhone 6 will have the same. Samsung however doesn’t seem to be interested in this gimmick.

As for the OS, Samsung S5 is going to run the latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat while it is possible the iPhone 6 will have iOS 7.2 instead of iOS 8. Any smartphone, requires a lot of juice to keep it running and according to rumors, Samsung is focusing on this aspect. There is a chance that the S5 will pack a wallop in terms of battery power but its best not to get hopes too high.

Launch date?

The Galaxy S series showcases the innovations of the Korean giant and tech experts all over are waiting eagerly for the next edition to hit the market. Samsung Galaxy S5 is rumored to be launched in March and we can only wait and see if it lives up to the hype or if it succumbs to the iPhone 6 which will be launched in the third quarter.

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