Twitter Lets You Download Your Past Tweets

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Twitter, the unique social media platform connects people through short messages called tweets. These tweets are quite popular and it has become an easy mode of communication.

The current generation is living on social media and Twitter has great features to be connected with friends and family members. It is also realized by businesses as one of the effective communicating tools.

Journalists are depending on tweets to cover live events almost second by second. Twitter interface as well as features are updated at regular intervals to accommodate the growing needs of its user base.

Download your archive

As per the new update, you will be able to download all the tweets that were generated by you from the moment you had created the account with Twitter to your last tweet. As per the new initiative rolled out by Twitter, you will find an option to request an archive.

As you request for the archive, you will get a link to download the archive. The link which gives you access to download the archive will be through your email.

As soon as you submit the request, the request will be processed by the Twitter’s server and once the file is ready for download you will get an email. The file will contain all your tweets right from the first tweet.

You can download the file as a zip file. You should unzip the file and should click on ‘index.html’ file to view the contents. You will also find a chart which will list your monthly tweet interactions.

The option to download the archive will be provided in a phased manner. It means that not all Twitter users will find the download option in a single day.

This new measure is in tune with the announcement made by Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo in September, 2012. As per the announcement, it was revealed that Twitter will roll out the download option by the end of 2012.

Benefits through archive

There are a number of benefits through the ‘archive download’ facility. First of all, you will have a strong evidence of the tweets that were generated by you. It is difficult to remember each and every tweet that was created by you.

As you can download the archive now, you will be able to trace your tweets according to the date and time stamp in the tweet. You can remember on what date you had chatted with your close friend. You can track the quality of your tweets.

You can enjoy the bond that you had created through those past tweets. You can re-read those tweets and get the warmth of that conversation. If you will create a biography, you have all the possibility to include some or all of that conversation.

Business prospects

If you are using Twitter for promoting your business, you should be greatly delighted with the archive download facility. When you are dealing with a customer it is very much required to trace the history. By knowing the past history of each and every customer, you can better service that customer.

You can respond well. You can eliminate unwanted redundancy. There will not be wastage of time, effort and money. You will be able to satisfy your customers and they will be delighted to know that you remember their past conversations with you.

You can certainly take forward your service to the next level. This is a great way to enjoy the communication with your customers and the interactions will be more effective. You can increase sales as well so that your business will be more profitable than ever before.


The new measure to download ‘Twitter archive’ will be greatly enjoyed by the Twitter community. As a matter of fact, the archive download facility is pioneered by Google.

You will be able to download archives of Google Docs and Gmail. Facebook has a provision to download certain user information. The new feature offered by Twitter will greatly enhance its performance.

Users will not have any burden of going through their past tweets. This new facility to download archive may attract new twitter users as well.

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  1. The most important thing for me is the ability to search the past tweets, which can be crucial when running a business or working with clients. There are some social media management tools that archive your tweets but they didn’t have access to the earlier tweets. This is a great move by Twitter and something most businesses can benefit from.

  2. It is a great new service and also serves as a reminder that what we put out on the internet is always there! Be warned and be careful.


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