Google Develops X Phone To Compete With iPhone 5 And Galaxy S III

Google Develops X Phone To Compete With iPhone 5 And Galaxy S III

Google and Motorola Mobility (Google’s own mobile phone manufacturer) are working on a smartphone with an X Phone code name, which is designed to compete with the leading models from Apple and Samsung.

Google acquired Motorola Mobility about seven months ago for $ 12.5 billion. Now the company is developing a brand new smartphone for Google, which is expected to be released next year and to be able to compete with devices from the market leaders.

The new gadget is designed to return Motorola’s positions in the smartphone market. The developers chose a strategy of smartphone range reduction in favor of the quality of separate devices, the The Wall Street Journal notes. According to sources, after the release of its brand smartphone the company plans to work on the X tablet development.

At the same time there is a task in front of Google not only to develop a quality smartphone with Motorola, but also to maintain good partnerships with other Android-manufacturers, primarily with Samsung Electronics, a device that will compete directly X Phone.

The Representatives of Google and Motorola refused to comment on the product development. However, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside said earlier that the company “will invest in the team and technology, which can create something entirely new.”

According to the WSJ, the initiative to develop an X Phone headed by a former Google product manager Lior Ron. Motorola has already faced a number of difficulties in the development of the device.

In particular, the originally planned cameras consumed large amount of energy. Moreover, the company will have the task to find materials to improve durability of the device.

According to one source, the manufacturer plans to equip the X Phone with a Viewdle gesture recognition technology from a software company, which Motorola has recently acquired.

The release of a smartphone, which will be able to compete with the Apple’s and Samsung’s gadgets, will significantly improve the market position of Motorola. According to IDC, in the third quarter, the share of Motorola accounted for less than 3% of the total supply of Android-based smartphones.

To improve the financial position of Motorola, Google has decided to fire four thousand people, or about 20% of the staff of the mobile manufacturer. Earlier this week, Google announced the sale of Motorola Home department to Arris, a telecommunications company, for 2.35 billion dollars.

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11 thoughts on “Google Develops X Phone To Compete With iPhone 5 And Galaxy S III”

  1. This is incredibly interesting. It seems like it would be pretty difficult to compete with Apple, but I guess if any company stands a chance, it’s Google!

  2. Looks like a stunning phone. I really hope that this one comes out better than the upcoming iPhone 5S and the so-called Galaxy S4


  3. Hi I think google would be better off not trying to compete with apple but to try and take control of another part of the market as a lot of people with I phones have other apple devices to connect to so won’t buy a google phone anyway.

    Very interesting thanks lee

    • Google is currently working on Xphone which might be break the market of Samsung Galaxy SIII and Apple. I got good information about Google new smartphone which is very interesting. Thanks for sharing this information.

  4. When Apple competitors promote their phones, they talk a lot about choice. Bigger screens. Faster chips. More memory. More whatever. But I think that’s the opposite of what consumers want when trying to decide what to buy. Give them one amazing phone, the best phone. Not half a dozen confusing variations.


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