Twitter To Be Completely Devoid Of Instagram Photos

Twitter To Be Completely Devoid Of Instagram Photos

In perhaps a completely shocking turn of events, for users of social networking sites at least, you can apparently no longer preview photos in Twitter, which have been posted through Instagram at least! Yes folks, a complete bummer if you are indeed a fan of posting photos after photos of daily event through Instagram. And let’s admit it; photos from Instagram come out extremely well!

Incidentally, what should further shock you is that, this decision of Instagram disabling its integration of photos from Twitter comes right after Facebook took acquisition of Instagram, barely three months back. Smell of foul play or perhaps a foul of greedy play? Let’s examine the matter in detail!

The Weight of Instagram

In a nutshell, Instagram has always been a brilliant place whereby you can take great photos and post. Nevertheless, ever since the company started a process of metamorphosis, what with additions of Web profiles and much more, who can but blame the moderators for wanting to drive the traffic back to the company website?

In fact, the new features that Instagram has added allows you to take photos share them elsewhere and also post comments, almost like a social networking site with photos as the main motive. Also, that sounds infinitely better, at least in terms of user experience.

When it all Started

Technically, Instagram had stopped integrating with Twitter about a week back. The process began when Twitter cards stopped getting support from Instagram, meaning that the embedded photos along with your Twitter message looked strangely out of place, off center and unnecessarily cropped.

Nevertheless, there is one detail that most of you would be thankful for. Though the integration had been completely unhooked, posting Instagram photo links to twitter is still possible.

So, if you wish to divulge any Instagram photos, you have to simply tweet the links and the viewers can take it from there. In short, photo galleries of the user in her/his Twitter account will no longer appear directly, if it has been taken with Instagram.

Assessment and Views

twitter instagram issue

All in all, it seems that the heat for popularity is just about starting. And truly, whatever Kevin Systrom may dish out in his interviews, the moderators of Facebook seem to be executing their perfectly hatched out plans.

What has already been gathered from Systrom’s comments is that the aftermath of its initial ‘taking down’ of Instagram’s Twitter integration, Instagram will take down every aspect of snapshot viewing from Twitter.

Of course, it is all being accredited to the ‘evolution’ of how the content of Systrom’s beloved Instagram is shared. In a rather reconciliatory stab at establishment of company bonds, Systrom has however promised that some sort of a common integration will of course be derived so that photos taken with Instagram can be viewed in Twitter.

Systrom has also added that the decision to pull off Instagram photos from Twitter had originated even before Facebook had proposed the much hyped acquisition. What actually has transpired in all this time is rather hard to guess.

Nevertheless, the gist of the matter, at least according to what has so far been dug by the media, not the social kind of course, is that this new move is in fact revenge, sweet and square!

Of course, Systrom, put dramatically, waved a royal hand away at such a notion! Nevertheless, not too long ago Twitter had disagreed to allow Instagram a proposed feature, whereby the valued users could find friends through the network!

Above all, this move raises questions regarding other networks in competition such as Tumblr and what is Instagram’s plan for it. Systrom has brushed off the enquiries saying that such decisions were yet to be lassoed upon!

More shocking is how Facebook’s voice is mum upon the whole deal. Whatever that we have so far known about Facebook, the moderators are hardly the ones that are in the habit of speaking out loud. The aftermath of the process of ‘evolution’ in full glory is indeed yet to be seen.

So apart from Systrom’s invitation for negotiation with Twitter, what the users can or will be allowed to do is grab their noses, the long way! For starters, you can take Nick Bilton’s suggestion and save the snapshots in your phone library. You may also decide to post the pics elsewhere and then tweet. Let the nose grabbing begin!

5 thoughts on “Twitter To Be Completely Devoid Of Instagram Photos”

  1. At least Instagram still allows the integration with Facebook! I personally prefer this. Whereas, the lack of integration with Twitter isn’t a huge loss…and it sounds like there are ways around it!

  2. Ouch…that’s only a small bummer since the Instagram/Twitter collaboration got use to the preview image prior to clicking on the link for the full image. I hope it doesn’t get worst than this

  3. I use Instagram with Facebook and it is indeed user friendly. It is sad why there are limited features on Twitter. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Jane,
    Instagram added a certain captivating charm to Twitter. In my opinion, being devoid of it, is a loss. Let’s see if Twitter comes up with something new and worthy. Thanks for spreading the word.


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