Samsung Galaxy Note Review: A New Life Into PDAs

Samsung Galaxy Note – With the enormous success of smartphones, personal digital assistants (PDA) came to the state of extinction.  Smartphones with their ability to offer innovative features through smart applications are expanding their horizon every day. It became people’s choice for convenience, comfort and quick access.

A majority of operations performed on laptops and other PDAs are being performed through smartphones. For manufacturers it is huge challenge to retain the market share of PDAs when smartphones lures customers. Ardent users of PDAs are in a dilemma of continuation of their association with PDAs or switchover to smartphones.

However, Samsung Galaxy Note gives a second thought that you may not leave PDAs altogether.

Samsung Galaxy Note Review: A New Life Into PDAs

Technical Specification

Samsung Galaxy Note comes with powerful processor (1.4 GHz dual core) that easily beats mobile phones. You will be able to perform tasks quickly and it is possible to run many applications without having impact on performance. You can enjoy a better view with the big touch screen that can capture both text and image.

Crystal clear picture quality can be enjoyed through 1280 x 800 resolutions. You can take notes/minutes in meetings quite easily with Samsung Galaxy Note. It comes with Android Gingerbread flavor. With 8 MP rear mounted auto focus camera and 2 MP camera fitted on the front, you will be able to record HD videos.

The camera comes with LED flash that gives better illumination. With a 16/32 GB internal memory and micro SD card expansion facility you will be able to save enormous amount of data. The device can be connected through wire and wireless through various means including Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi and GSM.

The battery with 2500 mAh gives you more than enough backup that runs for many hours.

Samsung Galaxy Note’s Appearance & Design

Samsung Galaxy Note weighs 178 grams and it stands in between phone and tablet in terms of size. The thin frame helps you slip the device into your pocket. It comes with pixel density of 285 ppi closer to iPhone 4 which comes at 326 ppi.

The contrast can be adjusted to maximum levels as far as infinite levels. As camera lens are not protected they are prone to get scratches. The surface near the speakers is not elevated. Hence, it may obstruct the sound output when the device is kept on a level surface.

This issue is common among all brands. Manufacturers have to address this properly. The microSD card slot is placed in a very inconvenient location.

Software and Stylus

Samsung Galaxy Note’s interface is similar to Galaxy S II. Instead of 4 short-cuts at the bottom of the screen in S II, Note comes with 5 short-cuts. Similarly, the grids of icons are 5 x 5 instead of 4 x 4 in Samsung S II.

You can manage your days in a better way with the improvised S planner. Changes will accommodate stylus operation also. Features of S Memo are also extended so that you can scribble down the notes and paint sketches quickly using S pen.

The application is useful to add text, image and voice notes along-with the addition of sketches through stylus. The camera comes with multiple options to capture photos in different ways.

You can enjoy the browsing sphere with the big screen and the ‘qwerty’ keyboard. In short, Samsung Galaxy Note is attractive and will not let you down or you will not let it down even though smartphones lure you in a big way.

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  1. I could see this having a niche. With the addition of touch screens the past few years the styles has been absent. Although with key boards like Swype making smart phone typing easier it will be interesting.

  2. this kind big screen touch screen will me more useful for business people to check emails, type and read the message very fast. 🙂

  3. It is too big to hold. Why do we need stylus then? I remember when Steve Jobs pointed out the fact that Stylus is a fail.

    Of course, I love Android products, but this one is too big for me.

  4. Sumsung touch phone is my favorite phone.Many great features about sumsung touch phone.I think all people very well about sumsung touch.Display is very nice and clear and really very smooth touch and lot of feature provide sumsung with affordable prize.My opinion is very latest feature of sumsung touch provide map facility.

  5. Thanks for sharing this informative review Jane, I do believe that this Samsung Galaxy will give more convenience to people nowadays. You will never have any hassle with the service that it gives to its users.

  6. A wonderful gadget to have! I really like my Galaxy Note with such big screen, powerful processor and a Super Amoled Screen.

  7. This review helped me decide to buy the Samsung – I was able to read about all the great features right here before buying it. Thanks my friend.


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