Is Samsung Working On A Two-Screen Flip Phone? Galaxy Folder?

Is Samsung Working On A Two-Screen Flip Phone
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It really won’t be surprising to hear that Samsung is yet again working on a new smartphone. Even if most of us are still to fully explore the Galaxy S4, the Korean brand just don’t seem to show signs of slowing down. This new, rumored smartphone is believed to feature two characteristics that we don’t see everyday – two screens and flip phone design.

Of course, we’ve seen a lot of flip phones back then. It should not be surprising to see its comeback. However, the idea of having two screens can be puzzling. But if Samsung pulls this off, it promises to cement its position among the top smartphone brands.

Excited for the new smartphone? Read more about what the rumor mill has so far.

Galxy Folder?

The news that’s going around is that this device will be called Samsung Galaxy Folder (since it is foldable like a usual folder). The rumors emerged when an Asian technology website discovered a Korean screen that is controllable by touch for both screens.

The said screen are said to be made of 3.7 inch AMOLED panel. The double screened device is said to run on Snapdragon 400 dual-core chip and 2 GB of RAM. It is also supports 4G LTE.

As this rumor is just a fresh pick, there are not much specs that can be seen online. Even the most reliable insiders have got nothing to offer as the moment.

Different media bodies have tried to request for Samsung’s stand on this rumors. But all these rumors were not confirmed by the mobile giant as they refuse to respond or give a comment about the news.

Standing Out From The Norm

The big question about this move by Samsung is “Why go for a double screen device?”. It will fairly be easy to answer as there is an existing tight competition in the mobile industry today—with all the giant names clashing like titans to get a larger portion of the market share.

Samsung probably made this innovative move to have a product differentiation. After all, nobody wants a mediocre and average looking piece of device in their hand.

Consumers always want something new –not only in functionality, even looks is a big factor. And with this move by Samsung, both function and design are made better and different.

Can you imagine running both your Twitter and RingCentral business phone service at the same time? And I don’t mean as a background process but really operating the two applications simultaneously. Genius, isn’t it?

Going Too Far

As they would say, there can be a risk in doing something new. If the rumors are true, there will be a big risk for Samsung as they would be investing a lot of resources in developing, creating, and polishing the rumored Galaxy Folder. Different tests, programing of new parts, marketing of the product, and other what-nots will be part of this huge move by Samsung.

All these costs that they will shoulder will mean nothing if Galaxy Folder will not click with the market. But then again, business is a huge gamble. If Samsung pulls this off, it will bring a huge kick to their portfolio and consumer base.

Problems Ahead

Even if the rumors are not yet confirmed by Samsung, tech analysts and enthusiasts already have opinions and foresights of what could go wrong with this project. The common opinion of tech heads is its battery life.

This has been a major concern of smartphone users. The great features are offset by having poor battery performance—what more if you’ve got two screens that needs power. So this might be a good point for Samsung to address.

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  1. Seems like retro design and I am sure a lot of people will like it. But I hope Samsung focus on developing new features for their touch screen smartphones and not on flip phone design. Thanks for the news Kelly, I never heard of Samsung Galaxy Folder until today!


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